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Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Abhayadatta Buddha's Lions Buddha's Lions are 84 Siddhas who reached enlightenment in a single lifetime. Their poetical stories show how the adventures, trials and tribulations of life may - under the right conditions and with the right attitude - lead to supreme realisation.
Aggacitta Bhikkhu Dying to live Helping the dying and preparing for death oneself from the Theravada point of view.
Akong Rinpoche Refuge Part 1 Part 1 is written for those who consider taking refuge in the Karma Kagyu lineage. It explains in simple terms what taking refuge means, what is involved in becoming a Buddhist, and what the terms in Buddhist texts mean. It also gives a short overview on the Karma Kagyu School.
Akong Rinpoche Refuge Part 2 Part 2 provides more detailed information to those who have already taken refuge, such as how to make a shrine and how to practise . It answers many questions in a simple straight forward way.
Akong Rinpoche Limitless compassion
Akong Rinpoche Restoring the balance Based on transcripts of Akong Rinpoche's teachings, this book helps the stressed-plagued people of our time deal with their issues in a mature and mindful way.
Akong Rinpoche Taming the tiger Akong Rinpoche explains the common sense principles of Buddhism applied to everyday life. Exercises and explanations are given to help work through emotional issues as well as deepen one's practice.
Aitken Robert The ground we share: Everyday practice, Buddhist and Christian This book presents a sometimes controversial dialogue between two friends, a Zen Roshi and a Benedictine Brother, about the daily practice of meditation from both the Christian and Buddhist point of view.
Allen Charles A Mountain in Tibet The mountain Kailas is described as the source of four mighty rivers, one being the Ganges. It is worshipped by Hindus and Buddhists. This book describes the legend around this mountain as well as its actual penetration by explorers.
Allen Charles The search for Shangri-La A ground-breaking and controversial re-working of early Tibetan history, shattering our notions of the country as a Buddhist paradise and restoring the religion of Bon to its rightful place in Tibetan culture. In so doing, Charles Alllen locates the mythical kingdom of Shang-shung and finds the original Shangri-La - in an astounding gorge beyond the Himalayas.
Allione Tsultrim Women of wisdom The lives of 6 female Tibetan mystics are described: how they achieved enlightenment in spite of prejudice and cultural & practical hindrances.
Arnold Edwin The light of Asia Life and Teaching of Gautama as told in verse by an Indian Buddhist.
Arnold Edwin The song celestial The Bhagavad-Gita, famous Vedic epic: "Song of God
Aronson Harvey Love as sympathy in Theravadin Buddhism Description, explanation, and analysis of the Theravada teachings based on the first four of Buddha's discourses as compiled in <350 B.C. Theravada scriptures.
Asma Stephen T Buddha for beginners This book explains the nuts and bolts of Buddhism. It begins with its origins within the context of the socio-economic situation in Buddha Gautama's times. It compares Buddhism with other contemporary religions/philosophies and provides a survey of the philosophical differences of the different Buddhist schools of today. It is well written and easy to understand.
Atkinson W W Reincarnation and the law of karma The history and philosophy of the concept of reincarnation, beginning with the early human races and ancient history (.i.e. Egyptians, Greeks, Romans). Similar concepts in all religions are discussed: Judaism, early Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. Arguments for and against reincarnation are presented as well as "proof" of reincarnation.
Azuki Zen Graffiti Insights in form of verse by old Zen masters - written on walls, trees, and paper.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Baker Douglas Karmic Laws Examines Karma , disease, and rebirth. Several common diseases are discussed from a Karmic point of view. For example Alcoholism is described as a "Thirst for power".
Baker Ian A The Tibetan art of healing Beautifully illustrated, well-written guide through the principles of Tibetan healing arts. The human body is described as a vessel of transformation. Buddhist philosophy and practice are essential to the [deeper] healing process. Example: " not shut off your pain: accept your pain and remain vulnerable... it is in fact a priceless gift..." helping you find out who you are " (page 69).
Barua sona Kanti Buddhist thought & meditation in the nuclear age Buddhist principles are discussed in relation to present day issues: daily life, science, religion, human rights, socio-economic development. A large section is devoted to the practise of Buddhist meditation.
Bass Catriona Inside the treasure house: a time in Tibet A westerner describes her experience of life in modern day Tibet, the dilemma Tibetans, especially those trying to practice their religion, face under Chinese rule.
Beck Charlotte Joko Everyday Zen How to incorporate Zen Buddhist practice into everyday life. How to deal with fear, relationships, etc. from a practitioners point of view.
Bell Charles The people of Tibet Description of the Tibet that existed before the Chinese invasion. The author, a British civil servant, lived many years in Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and intimately describes "virgin" Tibet and its people - before 1930.
Benares Camden Zen without Zen masters A "how to" book about Zen practice and principles. Easy to understand, takes the heaviness out of Zen, but is still accurate.
Bernbaum Edwin The way to Shambhala A mountaineer tries to "find Shambhala". Tibetan mystics and scholars help map the route. While leading the reader though the actual terrain of the Himalayas, the author also provides glimpses of the path to enlightenment.
Bercholz Samuel Entering the stream: An introduction to the Buddha and his teachings A comprehensive survey of Buddhism in all its facets; with individual treatises on various subjects by well known teachers, for example Chogyam Trungpa introduces the Tantric teachings. Companion reader to the Film " Little Buddha".
Berry Scott A Stranger in Tibet A Zen monk travels incognito to Tibet in the early 1900s. This book describes his adventures and interaction with Tibetan Buddhism.
Berzin Alexander Glimpse of reality Short book on the basics concepts of [Tibetan] Buddhism by two Western Buddhists, a scholar and a nun.
Bhandarkar Ramkrishna Gopal First book of Sanskrit Basic, introductory study guide for those who want to study Sanskrit.
Blackstone Judith Zen for beginners As the title says: an easy to understand introduction to Zen Buddhism and its practice.
Blavatsky H P Tibet and Tulku About the famous Madame Blavatsky from the Theosophical Society and her research into Tibetan Buddhism.
Blofield John Mantras - sacred words of power Critical but very helpful look at the effect of Mantras and at the different theories about how they work.
Blofield John The wheel of life Autobiography of a Western Buddhist with emphasis on Chinese Zen Buddhism.
Blofield John Bodhisattva of Compassion
Blyth R H Games Zen masters play Western Interpretation of the methods of Zen masters.
Bodian Stephan Timeless visions, healing voices Interviews with [Western] men & women of Spirit, philosophers, Jungians, Buddhists, etc.
Boisselier Jean Wisdom the Buddha Beautifully illustrated short history of Gautama Buddha within the context of history and his times.
Bokar Rinpoche Tara - the Feminine Divine By the same author who wrote Chenrezig, Lord of Love: about all the different aspects and practices of Tara and her manifestations.
Bokar Rinpoche Chenrezig, Lord of love A very good introduction and explanation of the Chenrezig puja and its practice from the Karma Kagyu point of view.
Bokar Rinpoche Death and the Art of Dying Introduction to the Bardos and how to prepare for death. Qs & As.
Bokar Rinpoche Meditation advice for beginners A very easy to understand introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist (Karma Kagyu) practice of meditation.
Booz Tibet A travel guide to Tibet published in the late 1980s.
Boowa Ven Acariya Maha Dhamma teaching of Acariya Maha Bodwa A thorough and interesting book by a Bhikku on the basics of Buddhist teachings and meditational practice.
Boorstein Sylvia Its easier than you think - the Buddhist way to happiness A Western Buddhist's take on Buddhist practice and how it can be relevant in typical Western life.
Borgia Anthony More about life in the world unseen Sequel to a previous book on the "after-life".
Bowden Ernest M The imitation of Buddha Buddhist quotations for each day of the year.
Braden Gregg Walking between the worlds Treatise of the ancient science of compassion and blessings, of the Essene mysteries, and of the role of emotions in the immune response.
Brandon David Zen in the art of helping Defining the wish to help from a Buddhist point of view, i.e. is helping always really helping, i.e. social work etc., or is it egotistical? True ego-less helping is discussed.
Brown Mick The dance of 17 lives The story of the present 17th Karmapa.
Brown Kerry The Essential teachings of Buddhism The tenets of the various Buddhist sects and traditions are explained and discussed by scholarly and religious authorities.
Brunton Paul The inner reality A synopsis of lectures by the author on eastern and western approaches, independent of allegiances, to spiritual truth.
Brunton Paul The Quest of the Overself A comprehensive survey on the art of meditation, finding one's inner self, using Indian Yoga as a basis.
Buckley Michael Tibet - A travel survival kit A lonely planet travel guide published in 1986.
Burtt E A The teachings of the compassionate Buddha Scholarly but easy to understand overview on the origin, teachings, and different paths of Buddhism.
Byles Marie Beuzeville Footprints of Gautama the Buddha Well researched story of Buddha's ministerial life, interesting and easy to read.
Byrom Thomas The Dhammapada - the sayings of the Buddha The Dhammapada illustrated with contemporary (1976) photographs.
Besant Annie Death and After Theosophical treatise of death and reincarnation.
BhaktiVedanta His Divine Grace Bhagavad Gita - as it is Comments by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Carrithers Michael The Buddha Scholarly interpretation of Buddhism within its social and political background, using archaeological and historical evidence. Guide to understanding its deeper meaning.
Chagdud Tulku Gates to Buddhist practice Easy to understand "how to do" on Vajrayana Buddhism by Chagdud Tulku (Nyingma).
Chah Ajahn Unshakeable peace Concise guide to Vipassana and Shamatha meditation based on the author's teachings to a visiting monk.
Chah Ajahn The key to liberation and the path to peace meditation means going against the natural tendencies of the mind." If you are suffering as a result you are doing something right.
Chang Garma C C Hundred thousand songs of Milarepa Lucid translation of the songs of Milarepa (1962), with helpful comments and explanations by the author.
Chatral Rinpoche Compassionate action Teachings of eminent Nyingma master on ethics, saving lives, prostrating at a Stupa, the act of helping, and the master-student relationship.
Cheng Yi The Tao of organisation TAO for business, religious, political organizations
Chitkara M G Tibet: a reality Tibet's potential role as a buffer state within the region - if an independent state - as an island of peace, thus allowing neighbouring states to focus on their own more immediate problems rather than their borders.
Chodron Pema The wisdom of no escape Down to earth guide on Buddhist principles and practice by an American nun, student of Chogyam Trungpa.
Chodron Pema Comfortable with uncertainty
Chodron Pema Practicing peace in times of war Practical techniques to achieve peace in our own lives.
Chodron Pema Taking the leap Application of Buddhist principles to destructive emotions and patterns, such as anger, self-hatred, addiction, etc.
Chodron Thubten Preparing for ordination Guide for Non-Tibetans considering monastic ordination within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
Chodron Thubten How to free your mind Explanation of the Tara practice
Choedrak Tenzin The rainbow palace Memoirs of a Tibetan Master, who survived torture by the Chinese by practicing loving-kindness.
Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche The Bardo Guidebook Concise, practical guidebook on dealing with the four Bardos for the modern reader.
Chopra Deepak Freedom Chopra's guide to meditation
Chopra Deepak The seven spiritual laws of success Chopra's guide to success using spiritual methods
Cleary Thomas Practical Taoism Taoism explained by a Scholar on East Asian language and civilization.
Cleary Thomas Teaching so Zen Zen explained by a scholar on East Asian language and civilization.
Cleary Thomas entry into the realm of reality - text This and its companion text "the guide" (see next book by same author) describe the reaching of enlightenment through tales of a pilgrimage, translated and explained by a scholar on East Asian language and civilization.
Cleary Thomas entry into the realm of reality - guide The guide to the companion text (see similar title by same author) is a classic Chinese Buddhist (8th century) commentary on the text, also translated and explained by Cleary, a Western scholar.
Clifford Terry Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and psychiatry Comprehensive scholarly, but very readable, overview on Tibetan Buddhist medicine and psychiatry (similar to Ayurveda).
Clifford Terry The Diamond Healer Same book as "Tibetan Buddhist Medicine and Psychiatry "under a different title.
Cohen Andrew The challenge of enlightenment Allowing everything to be as it is "is the basic tenet of this short concise treatise (not lineage-based) on reaching enlightenment.
Coleman Graham A handbook of Tibetan culture Guide to Tibetan centres and resources around the world, including Samye Dzong in Cape Town, scholarly institutes, monasteries, etc. Relatively up-to-date (1993).
Conze Edward Buddhist scriptures (2 copies available) Dr. Conze selected the scriptures that all Buddhist schools have in common. A very clear treatise on meditation, the 4 thoughts, meditation in seclusion, morality, diet, behaviour, teachers, etc.
Conze Edward Buddhism: Its essence and development Essentials of Buddhism, all subgroupings, comprehensively explained. Includes a chapter on the history and essence of the Tantra, which gives a good explanation of Mantrayana, which is an essential part of the Tantra.
Conze Edward A short history of Buddhism Concise, brief history and explanation of Buddhism by an eminent Western scholar.
Conze Edward Buddhist wisdom books: The diamond and the heart sutra (two copies available) The probably two holiest Sutras translated by and commented upon by eminent Western Scholar E. Conze.
Conze Edward Buddhist texts through the ages Conze and other scholars translate and comment on important Buddhist texts. The third part deals with The Tantras.
Cowell E B Buddhist Mahayan texts Translated and explained basic texts of "later Buddhism".
Crane George Bones of the master A hedonist writer meets a Chan monk in upstate New York, they become friends. In a very indirect way the American becomes a disciple. During their adventures in Mongolia and China, the stubborn and very human monk shows - by example - how to be compassionate and aware in a very real and trying world.
Crosette Barbara So close to heaven An American describes, amongst other travel observations in Bhutan and neighbouring counties, the conflict between modern secular attitudes, that have reached these countries, and Buddhist tradition. An example is the different attitude toward animals. Modern/Western views on killing animals for hygienic reasons, for profit, or for mercy (if the animal is sick) are contrasted to the Buddhist view that all life is sacred. Such and similar discussions also affect people in the West who have turned to Buddhism.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Dalai Lama A simple path Beautifully illustrated introduction to basic Buddhist truths from a Tibetan point of view.
Dalai Lama Advice on dying Meditation on impermanence and death will enrich life and reduce the fear of death. Guide to techniques for preparing for the inevitable.
Dalai Lama An open heart On Buddhist principles including meditation techniques for non-Buddhists, the Motto being "meditation diminishes the strength of bad habits".
Dalai Lama Beyond dogma The Dalai Lama comments and reflects on contemporary social, political, and religious issues. This book is based on public lectures and Q&A sessions with people from different sections of society: scientists, religious leaders, activists, and interfaith organizations.
Dalai Lama Buddhism of Tibet Four Texts especially for Western readers, explaining the central practices of Buddhism, the meaning of emptiness, the Bodhisattva path of compassion, and the four mindfulnesses.
Dalai Lama Compassion and wisdom Lucid booklet on basic Buddhist tenets, on how to practice, in particular on how to generate compassion by using the Mani (Mantra of Chenrezig). Qs and As.
Dalai Lama Essential teachings This book brings ancient texts, i.e. the "Path of the Bodhisattva" and "The key to Madhyamaka", to life in contemporary situations.
Dalai Lama Panchen Lama, Jamyand Khyentse Rinpoche & Kalu Rinpoche Four essential Buddhist texts The opening of the Dharma; Foundations of Buddhist Meditation; The Great Seal of Voidness; The Key to Madhyamaka.
Dalai Lama Freedom in exile: An autobiography Two copies. What it feels like to be the Dalai Lama; HH speaks of the CIA, world leaders, and the malaise of the Western world.
Dalai Lama How to practice Lucid explanation of the basic meditative techniques of Sutra and Tantra.
Dalai Lama Illuminating the path to enlightenment The Dalai Lama's commentary on two important texts by the yogi Atisha and Lama Tsong Khapa provides the reader with the "clearest and most authoritative expositions of the Tibetan Buddhist path ever published".
Dalai Lama Kalachakra tantra, the The most important tantra. The book is based on the first initiation given in the West; the translator, Prof. J. Hopkins, explains the basic techniques of deity yoga.
Dalai Lama Kindness, clarity and insight Based on talks given during a tour in North America on the importance of love, kindness, compassion, and training the mind through meditation.
Dalai Lama Lighting the path Official book of teachings given by the Dalai Lama, which address all issues facing humanity today from a Buddhist point of view.
Dalai Lama Mind in comfort and ease Text reveals the meaning of "the great perfection"; it also illuminates the interface of Buddhism and modern science.
Dalai Lama Beyond religion The text outlines a system of ethics common to all religions, and provides " a blueprint for all those who chose not to identify with a religion but still yearn for spiritual fulfilment.
Dalai Lama Becoming enlightened Practical advice of practice, finding a teacher, contemplating death, and developing compassion.
Dalai Lama many ways to nirvana, the The Dalai Lama brings Buddhist wisdom to every day afflictions, such as anxiety, depression, and other emotional conflicts.
Dalai Lama My land and my people Memories of H.H. enthronement, dealings with China, his escape and exile, and his thoughts for the future.
Dalai Lama Ocean of wisdom Concise but profound thoughts on rightful behaviour. The book is not organised by chapters but by short treatises of often only a paragraph, but maximally 2 pages. You can randomly open the book to contemplate on the reflections presented. Useful for open-ended discussion on Buddhist principles.
Dalai Lama Path to bliss Practical and specific guide to Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Preparatory practices, practices for trainees of various capacities, as well as the basic principles of more advanced practices.
Dalai Lama Sleeping, dreaming and dying An account of an historic dialogue between Western neuroscientists and the Dalai Lama on sleep, dreams, consciousness, and death.
Dalai Lama Spiritual advice Book based on talks by HH given to Christian and Buddhist monks in Kentucky - on meditation and spiritual life.
Dalai Lama The art of living Beautiful illustrations accompany the Dalai Lama's advice on compassionate living, how to deal with negative emotions, and how to deal with death. A good introduction to Tibetan Buddhism.
Dalai Lama The art of happiness Guide on how to apply Eastern Buddhist wisdom to every day Western life. A collaboration between the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD.
Dalai Lama The Buddhism of Tibet & the key to the middle way Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, the essential elements of Sutra and Tantra, the meaning of "emptiness", and the Bodhisattva path.
Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama's book of daily meditations Calendar of daily quotations by the Dalai Lama for inspiration and contemplation.
Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama's book of wisdom A collection of short treatises on all aspects of human life from a Buddhist point of view. Similar in composition to "Ocean of wisdom", also available in the library.
Dalai Lama The good heart - A Buddhist perspective on the Teaching of Jesus The Dalai Lama reflects on the similarities between "The Sermon of the Mount", "Love You Enemy", "The Resurrection" and Buddhism.
Dalai Lama The heart of the Buddha's path Clear, easy to understand treatise of the four noble truths, the power of compassion. Qs & As.
Dalai Lama The many ways to Nirvana How to overcome negative emotions, and to develop and cultivate equanimity visa the six perfections.
Dalai Lama The opening of the wisdom-eye Short account of the spread of Buddhism in Tibet and lucid brief explanation of Tibetan Buddhist principles.
Dalai Lama The power of Buddhism How Buddhist teachings help understand our modern world.
Dalai Lama The universe in a single atom An open-minded comparison of notes between modern science and Buddhist tenets. Many current scientific issues are discussed from a Buddhist point of view in individual chapters, for example " Ethics and the New Genetics". The result is an often surprising similarity between two seemingly opposite world views.
Dalai Lama The way to freedom Primer on Tibetan Buddhism, based on a 15th century text.
Das Lama Surya Das Awakening the Buddha within Westernized introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by an American Lama, pragmatic, easy to read.
Das Lama Surya Awakening the Buddhist heart Westernized interpretation of Tibetan Buddhism particularly applied to relationship issues.
Das Lama Surya Awakening to the sacred Western Lama integrates Buddhist practices and beliefs with other spiritual traditions, and helps the reader create his own spiritual path in line with his religious beliefs.
Das Lama Surya The snow lion's turquoise mane Tibetan Buddhist (teaching) tales, retold by a well known American Lama, help drive Buddhist principles home in witty, whimsical ways.
Das Lama Surya Buddha Is As Buddha does Newer book (2008) by Lama Das on a Western, pragmatic approach to Buddhist practices.
Das Ram Das Grist for the mill Two well known teachers and authors (Ram Das and Stephen Levine) collaborate in bringing the dharma - discovering who we really are - to everyday life in an interesting original way.
David-Neel Alexandra David-Neel Initiations and Initiates in Tibet The author, a French female lama, was extremely brave and brazen in the early 20th century to penetrate Tibet and its culture. She tells of her experiences in Tibet (camouflaged as a Tibetan), well before the Chinese invasion, in a sceptical, amusing, and fascinating way.
David-Neel Alexandra David-Neel Magic and mystery in Tibet Here again, David-Neel penetrates Tibetan Buddhist "magical "rites in an amusing, enlightening way. Her books are fun to read, yet not superficial.
Davidson Richard J ed. R.J. Davidson, A. Harrington Visions of compassion Human nature is examined by Western scientists and Tibetan Buddhists. Particularly, compassion is examined from an evolutionary, cultural, and biological point of view.
Davies Mansel Davies A scientist looks at Buddhism By examining Theravada Buddhism, a western scientist discovers the similarities between Buddhist tenets and modern science.
Davies Katherine Davus Enlightenment comes in the dark The story of an ordinary American who dealt with life's trials and tribulations with faith, a positive attitude, and a link to an undefined spiritual world. She belonged to a religious science group and did a lot of reading related to enlightenment (not Buddhist as far as one can tell).
Dhamma Rewata Dhamma The first sermon of the Buddha Scholarly translation and exposition of the first sermon of the Buddha emphasizing the importance of practice. This "first sermon is perfect in itself"… and "can give you profound insight [for enlightenment].
Dhammananda Dr K Sri Dhammananda Treasure of the Dhamma Very thorough and detailed handbook of Buddha's sayings (sutras). This book aims to provide an understanding of the Dhamma as Buddha intended. A comprehensive handbook for those who teach or do research on Buddhism, or for those who want to investigate the origin of some sayings attributed to the Buddha.
Dhammapada The Dhammapada Collection of aphorisms to illustrate the moral teachings of the Buddha, probably compiled in the 3rd century before B.C. Gospel of light and love.
Dhammika Ven S Dhammika Good Question Good Answer A very short but useful book containing many of the typical questions Westerners have about Buddhism, for example is there evidence for rebirth? Or why are Buddhists "so concerned about ants and bugs"?
Dhargyey Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey Tibetan tradition of mental development Based on a year long course, this book gives a thorough introduction to the Tibetan approach to Buddhism. It includes practical advice in how to implement the teachings.
Dhiravamsa Dhiravamasa The dynamic way of meditation Release and Cure of Pain and Suffering through Vipassana meditative Techniques
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche Illuminating the profound path. Concise, short, strict but very understandable comments on Ngondro (preliminary Practices).
Donden Dr Yeshi Donden Health through balance Introduction to Tibetan Medicine. Very similar in approach to Ayurveda. Interesting comments about the health effects of individual grains, legumes, and meat.
Dorje Rigdzin Dangerous fiend A very thorough treatise of the Vajra master - student relationship. Vajrayana is not possible without the Vajra master. He/she serves as a mirror to the student, does not allow the student to cycle within his or her neurosis, but enables the student to transcend his or her comfort zone.
Dowman Meryl Neither night nor day Modern Buddhist fairy tales for children and adults: a young boy's "enlightening" adventures in Nepal or Tibet.
Dowman Keith Sky dancer The story of Tibet's most important female Buddha is translated from older Tibetan texts. She was a dakini/yogini, and a main consort of Padmasambava. The story is told in a poetic way, delivering its message indirectly. The comprehensive commentary provides a superb description of the way Tantra works, of Tibetan Buddhist history, and of the role of women therein. Translated in the 1980s, still somewhat from a man's point of view.
Dowman Keith The Great stupa of Boudhanath History and legend of the great Stupa in Kathmandu (with those huge eyes). Its symbolism (Buddha-Mind), festivals linked to it, monasteries nearby.
Dowman Keith the power places of central Tibet: the pilgrim's guide A guide to, including maps, history, and description of, the power places in central Tibet, publ. 1988.
Dowman Keith The divine madman: Magical, often ribald, tales of a Mahamudra master (Drukpa Kunley) who used 'crazy wisdom' to help people approach enlightenment. Mainly from a mans point of view. However, correcting for the fact that the tales were told during patriarchal times, and were translated for this book in the 1980s, important truths are still transmitted to the reader. The yogi was particularly popular with the ordinary people.
Duff Lotsawa Tony Gampopa's Mahamudra Compendium of original Mahamudra teachings by Gampopa, student of Milarepa and a founder of the Kagyu school, commented upon and explained by Tenga Rinpoche.
Duncan Marion Customs and superstitions of Tibetans A Westerner's experience of Tibet in the first half of the 20th century, which he visited for 12 years as a missionary, traveller, and explorer. He interfaced with all classes from prince to pauper. Polical views of his discussion partners are also described.
Dürckheim Karlfried Graf The way of transformation Advice by a well known German meditation master (Zen-influenced) on transformation and spiritual growth, independent of religious beliefs.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Eastcott Michal J The silent path A comprehensive study of meditation, techniques, effects, types, etc..
Easwaran Eknath The Dhammapada Classic Buddhist "bible
Easwaran Eknath Conquest of mind Advice on meditation by the lecturer of the first meditation course in a Western university (University of California, Berkeley). Advice on dealing with daily irritations.
Enomiya-Lassalle Hugo M Practice of Zen meditation Excellent introduction to the Zen meditation technique by a Jesuit priest, who became a Zen master in Hiroshima before and during WWII. Good illustration of how Buddhist meditation tecniques can harmonise with other religions.
Evans-Wentz W Y the Tibetan book of the Great Liberation An account of the lives and teachings of illustrious Gurus, in particular Padma- Sambhava, focussing on the yogic method of attaining enlightenment by "knowing ones mind".
Evans-Wentz W Y the Tibetan book of the dead Scholarly translation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Easy to read, it also includes an in depth commentary on the subject as well as a psychological commentary by CG Jung.
Evans-Wentz W Y Tibet's great yogi Milarepa The story of Tibet's favourite guru and mystic by well known scholar.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Farber Don Tibetan Buddhist Life Beautifully illustrated description of Tibetan Buddhist life in Tibet and other countries (publ. 2003). Includes short history of Tibetan Buddhism and its influence by Bon.
Feigon Lee Demystifying Tibet Authoritative antidote to clichés about Tibet. Good history of social, cultural, and political development before and after Chinese occupation.
Fickle Dorothy H Images of the Buddha in Thailand Theravada Buddhist images (also pre-Thai) examined as to common features shared by all Buddhist images - as well as differences. Each style explored and delineated in detail. Art history.
Fox Sue WOOD and Peter FOX Dying - a practical guide for the journey Detailed advice from persons working in Hospices and Western institutions involved with death and the dying.
Francis & Thomas Jataka Tales A selection of enlightening and morally instructive tales from Buddha's previous lives as a Bodhisattva .
Frawley David From the river of heaven Synopsis of Indian spiritual tradition. Focusses mostly on Vedic and Hindu philosophy, However, Buddhist philosophy is also included.
Freemantle Francesca Tibetan book of the dead This is a newer translation together with Chogyam Trungpa. It presents a slightly different angle to other translations, which is always helpful - but contains essentially the same deeper message.
French Patrick Tibet Tibet A critical look at modern Tibet by a young Westerner, also unravelling some of the misconceptions about the Tibet of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Friedman Lenore Meetings with remarkable women A chronicle of meetings with female Western Buddhist teachers, for example Ayya Khema. The Book deals with their views on Buddhism, how they came to Buddhism, and how they adapted their teaching to Western and modern needs.
Fromm Erich Zen Buddhism and psychoanalysis Well known psychoanalyst (Erich Fromm) and well known Buddhist master (D.T. Suzuki) on the similarities/differences of Zen meditation and Western psychoanalysis. R.D. Martino gives a concise explanation of the psychology of Zen.
Fronsdal Gil The Issue at hand Buddhist scholar (Stanford University) on Theravada and Zen mindfulness meditation.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Gampopa (Sgam.Po.Pa) transl. by Hv Guenther The jewel ornament of liberation Gampopa was a student of Milarepa and a founder of the Kagyu school in Tibet. His text contains the essence of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and was translated here with annotations by H.V. Guenther, a known Tibetologist. This first translation came out in 1959 when the Chinese invaded Tibet.
Gampopa jé tranls. By Ken & Katja Holmes Gems of dharma, jewels of freedom This is a recent translation (with annotations) of the famous classic text of Gampopa by Ken and Katia Holmes, under the guidance of distinguished Karma Kagyu teachers. It is a clear, well-structured, authoritative Handbook of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism.
Gangchen Lama Making peace with the environment A Tantric approach to making peace with oneself and the environment (ecological and political). It focuses on work with the Chakras using the feminine aspect of Tantra teachings.
Garfield Jay L The fundamental wisdom of the middle way Accessible translation of the fundamental text of Mahayana Buddhism by a scholar of philosophy, explaining the logic of the Mahayana approach.
Goddard Dwight A Buddhist bible This scholarly compilation on Buddhism by Goddard, first printed in 1938, helped spark Western interest in Buddhism, and is now reprinted to provide a objective scholarly, yet meaningful approach to Buddhism for a wider audience.
Goldsmith Joel S Art of meditation A daily program of meditation to help realize one's oneness with god".
Goldstein M C A history of modern Tibet Scholarly and thorough history of Tibet between 1913 1nd 1951, both theological as well as secular.
Goldstein Joseph The experience of insight Distillation of Theravada Buddhist teachings, enabling the reader to follow the discipline in a month-long course.
Goleman Daniel Healing Emotions - conversations with the Dalai Lama Record of the Mind & Life Conference III (Life and mind sciences with meditation masters and the Dalai Lama). Topic: can the mind heal the body?
Goleman Daniel The meditative mind Comprehensive and comparative overview of all meditation techniques: Sufi, Buddhist, Hindu, Judaism, Gurdjieff, Krishnamurti, etc. Distillation of the techniques to their basic elements.
Gombrich Richard Theravada Buddhism Sanskrit scholar describes and discusses the social history around Theravada Buddhism.
Goswami Satsvarupa Dasa Your ever well-wisher:
Govinda Lama Anagarika The way of the white clouds Narrative of the author, a well-known Lama and Tibetologist, traveling through Tibet just before the Chinese invasion. An intense adventurous experience of Tibet backed up by an intimate and scholarly knowledge of its culture, religion, and history.
Govinda Lama Anagarika Creative meditation & multidimensional consciousness In depth explanation of basic Vajrayana meditation by a leading Western Tibetologist and meditation master. For example, the book provides a thorough description on the effect and meaning of mantras. The syllables of the mantra are considered to be archetypal sound and word symbols, effective even if the meaning is not fully understood. The meaning of the Mani is described in detail, as well as seed syllables of important mantras.
Govinda Lama Anagarika The Psychological attitude of early Buddhist philosophy A summary of early Pali Buddhism and its logical development into Mahayana and Tantric philosophy.
Govinda Lama Anagarika Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism Lucid, eloquent, in depth explanation of Tibetan Buddhist (Kagyupa) practice and philosophy by well known Western Lama and Tibetologist, delineating the deeper and multidimensional meaning of the "great mantra: Om Mani Peme Hung". This book is for those who need more clarity than is often supplied by the more general books for Westerners. Precise and thorough, but still very easy to read.
Greaves Helen The challenging light Continued contact with a catholica nun who died 16 years previously, sequence to "Testimony of light" by same author.
Greaves Helen Testimony of light Telepathic messages after death from a Catholic nun to a previous companion.
Greenwald Jeff Shopping for Buddhas The author describes his "obsessive search for the perfect Buddha statue" among souvenir stalls in Nepal and how this confronts him with his own materialism.
Gregson Jonathan Kingdoms beyond the clouds The author travelled through several Buddhist countries (Tibet, Dharamsala/India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal) and interviewed their rulers. These countries face similar challenges in maintaining their cultural identity while adapting to the modern age.
Grimm George The doctrine of the Buddha Published first in 1915 using the subtitle " "the religion of reason", and under its current title in 1926 (with many new impressions thereafter). The German author, first a theologist, then a judge delineates "Truth as the basis for the doctrine of the Buddha". Concise, clear and free of mythical ballast. Grimm belonged to a Buddhist society in Bavaria and was considered a most benevolent judge.
Guenther Herbert V The life and teaching of Naropa This is a modern annotated translation of an older Tibetan text on the history of Naropa, his training under Tilopa, and his own teachings. Contains a detailed analysis and commentary.
Guenther Herbert V & Leslie Kawamura Mind in Buddhist psychology Analysis of Buddhist psychology, theoretical and applied, by two Western scholars of Tibetan Buddhism.
Guenther (see also Sgam.Po.Pa / Gampopa) transl. by Hv Guenther The jewel ornament of liberation Gampopa was a student of Milarepa and a founder of the Kagyu school in Tibet. His text contains the essence of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and was translated here with annotations by H.V. Guenther, a known Tibetologist. This first translation came out in 1959 when the Chinese invaded Tibet.
Guenther Herbert von Buddhist philosophy in theory and practice Scholarly analysis of Buddhist philosophy by Tibetologist and philosophy professor H.v. Guenther. Each chapter introduces a specific Buddhist school.
Guenther Herbert V Treasures on the Tibetan middle way Combines contemporary psychological concepts with an in depth study of the often misrepresented Tantric Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Somewhat technical but still clear.
Guenther Herbert V The tantric view of life Concise description of Tantra Buddhism, i.e. it explains the meaning of Tantra's erotic language, and shows that all aspects of the human mind and body are used as the path, not necessarily literally but often symbolically. Tantra does not deny sex as many cultures do, but dispenses with the idea of power and exploitation often associated with it. The book clarifies common misconceptions about Tantra.
Gyaltsen Khenpo Konchog The Great Kagyu masters Life stories of many enlightened masters, such and Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, and others.
Gyaltsen Khenpo Konchog In search of the stainless Ambrosia Handbook on Buddhism (Kagyu) for Western students. Guidelines for the Bardo, Phowa, Guru Yoga, Medicine Buddha, and Chod (severing the Ego).
Gyatrul Rinpoche Ancient wisdom Advice on meditation and dream yoga. Commentary on ancient Nyingma texts from a modern pragmatic point of view. Guidelines on how to include mundane events and dreams in the spiritual path.
Gyatrul Rinpoche Meditation, transformation and dream yoga Guidelines for formal sitting meditation from the Dzogchen (Nyingma)tradition . Teachings on conscious control of the dream state during life as well as the bardo state at death.
Gyatso Tensin Eight steps to happiness
Gyatso Geshe Kelsang Living meaningfully, dying joyfully
Gyatso Geshe Kelsang Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition Commentary on the basic tenets and practices of Tibetan Buddhism. The relationship of Hinayana to Mahayana is delineated, as well as the theory of 'emptiness'. Important keys to meditational practice are given. Discusses antidotes to laziness in practice (as well as other obstacles to regular practice). For example, lazy people should develop faith in the benefits of practice so that they stay motivated.
Gyatso Geshe Kelsang Clear light of bliss
Gyatso Sonam Essence of refined gold Commentary by the 14th Dalai Lama on the important teachings (for example, the Guru-Disciple relationship) of the 3rd Dalai lama (Gyatso, Sonam) , a King who converted his Mongolian Kingdom to Buddhism, ending the Asian wars.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Halifax Joan Being with dying Classic, well known text on death and dying by a Zen priest and scholar of anthropology.
Hanh Thich Nhat Sunshine and green leaves Essential writings of revered Zen master to help persons of all religions live mindfully in the presence.
Hanh Thich Nhat Together we are one How to heal individual and collective suffering; connecting with one's ancestors and cultural background can lead to a greater sense of community.
Hanh Thich Nhat The raft is not the shore The Buddhist monk and a Jesuit priest explore together the "truth" about death, religion, war, peace, Jesus and Buddha.
Hanh Thich Nhat Walking meditation How to use daily walking meditation to work with difficult emotions.
Hanh Thich Nhat Being peace Collection of lectures to peace activists and to meditation students. Essence: being at peace with oneself is required to make peace in the world.
Hanh Thich Nhat Buddha mind, Buddha body Highly readable advice on applying basic Buddhist tenets in order to achieve happiness.
Hanh Thich Nhat Going home. Subtitle: Jesus & Buddha as brothers Zen Buddhist monk examines connections between Christianity and Buddhism.
Hanh Thich Nhat Living Buddha, living Christ Another look by the author at the similarities of Christianity and Buddhism. Forward by Elaine Pagels
Hanh Thich Nhat Old path, white clouds This famous Vietnamese Zen monk retells the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha in a way that is very approachable for Western readers.
Hanh Thich Nhat The stone boy Short powerful stories by well known Vietnamese Zen monk, which incorporate Vietnamese culture, war, exile, oppression, etc. into the Buddhist themes of love and compassion
Hanh Thich Nhat Under the Banyan Tree Precise and lucidly described practices to overcome fear and sorrow. The author offers a very kind, sympathetic, and consoling approach to dealing with life's problems.
Harding Mike Footloose in the Himalaya Interesting, entertaining, but sensitive travelogue by a British TV personality who travelled the Himalaya to investigat the effects of deforestation. Contains intriguing stories about the people his team met, for example traditional Tibetan monks.
Hardy R Spence A manual of Buddhism An in depth recounting and analysis of the deeds and doctrines attributed to Gotama Buddha.
Hardy Chris Buddha Short (64 pages), concise (for educational purposes) , easy to read introduction to Buddhism. It contains all the important dates and facts as well its historical and socio-economic development.
Harrer Heinrich Seven years in Tibet An Austrian mountaineer escapes internment in a British POW camp during WWII and escapes via the Himalaya to Tibet. After many adventures and hardships, he befriends the current Dalai Lama.
Harrison Gavin In the lap of the Buddha A very popular (one of the more frequently taken out books of this library) Western treatise of applying insight meditation to fear, anger, and death (published 1994).
Harvey Andrew Journey in Ladakh Ladakh is one of the last intact Tibetan Buddhist communities. The book is an account of the author experiencing this interesting location and landscape while learning about himself.
Herrigel Eugen Zen in the art of archery Classic Zen text
Heruka Tsang Nyon The life of Marpa the translator The history of an important founder of the Karma Kagyu lineage, and how he, as a layman and businessman, raised a family while training his disciples, for example Milarepa. Translated from the Tibetan.
Hesse Hermann Siddhartha Famous novel about Gautama Buddha by a German writer of the early 20th century.
Holmes Ken The inauguration of Samye Temple: Scotland This book tells the history, philosophy, and future aims of Samye Ling.
Holmes Ken Karmapa How the current Karmapa was discovered and enthroned. How Akong Rinpoche was involved. Very good synopsis of the Tibet of today, its history, and of the Karma Kagyu tradition.
Holmes Peter Mountains and a monastery Travelogue of a journey through a mountainous desert, describing the "backward" life of simple hill-folk, and their relationship with a monastery. Also a recounting of hair-raising adventures by the author.
Hopkins Jeffrey Compassion in Tibetan Buddhism This book describes in depth Tibetan Buddhist methods in generating compassion, thus enlightenment, both from the point of view of the contemporary abbot as well of an early great master (Tsong-ka-pa).
Hopkins Jeffrey the tantric distinction: An introduction to Tibetan Buddhism Succinct scholarly approach to Tibetan Buddhist principles and methods, for example: how deity yoga and emptiness yoga work.
Horner I B Women under primitive Buddhism Interesting much-needed socio-economic survey on the role of women during early Buddhism, from the viewpoint of the: mother, daughter, wife, widow, worker, and almswoman. During Buddhist times the situation of the woman improved compared to former times, in which she had an extremely low position in society: A daughter's birth was greeted with despair!
Huckenpahler Victoria The great Kagyu masters see above under Gyaltso
Humphreys Christmas A western approach to Zen For the serious, not the curious." Fills the gap between Western and Eastern approaches to Zen.
Humphreys Christmas Buddhism - an introduction and guide A well known author on Buddhism gives a summary on all schools of Buddhism and their tenets. Gives a somewhat sceptical presentation on Lamaism, however it was written in the middle of the last century. The author later became an important official of the Tibet Society.
Humphreys Christmas The Buddhist way The author presents Buddhist principles from a Western point of view , albeit from the middle of the 20th century.
Humphreys Christmas The Buddhist way of life Similar if not identical to "The Buddhist Way" by the same author.
Humphreys Christmas Zen Buddhism Synopsis of Zen principles and practice
Humphreys Christmas The search within A secular course in meditation using Buddhist principles, i.e. the concepts of karma, middle way, compassion.
Humphreys Christmas A popular dictionary of Buddhism Handbook of Buddhist terms
Humphreys Christmas Buddhism Outline of and introduction to the many schools of Buddhism.
Humphreys Christmas Exploring Buddhism A survey of Buddhism from a Western point of view. Written around the middle of the 20th century.
Hyde-chambers Fredrick & Audrey Tibetan folk tales Tibetan legends, and myths. Influenced by Buddhism and secular Tibetan culture. Like Western fairy tales these tales often transmit a deeper meaning.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
India North India Lonely Planer travel guide to Northern India (published 2001)
Ishigami Zenno Disciples of the Buddha The ten most important disciples are introduced with their foremost qualities. For example, some are particularly good at teaching the Dharma, others in doing good, etc.
Iyengar BKS Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali The well-known Hatha Yoga master elaborates on the Yoga Sutras, and how they help win mastery over the mind and ones emotions.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Jafa Manorama Jataka tales
Janakabhivamsa Sayadaw U Vipassana meditation Concise small booklet explaining all aspects of insight meditation.
Jansen Eva Rudy The book of Buddhas Small illustrated overview of all Buddhist statuary and symbols, and what role they play in Buddhist rituals.
Jarow Rick In search of the sacred This author visited and tried to fathom the meaning of the most important sacred sites of the world: the great pyramid of Egypt, the Holocaust museum in Israel, the Vatican, Lourdes, the Himalaya, etc.
Jivaka Lobzang The life of Milarepa The life of this great Yogi is told in prose instead of Stanzas. It contains a good introduction and commentary.
Judge William Q Bhagavad-Gita Classic Vedic epic, succinct summary of ancient Indian philosophy read by Hindus for thousands of years.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Kalsang Ladrang The guardian deities of Tibet A short illustrated survey of the guardian deities and their roles in practice.
Kalu Rinpoche The Dharma A series of lectures by Kalu Rinpoche. Contains an interesting chapter on women in Buddhism, as well as a useful Q&A section.
Kalu Rinpoche Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism Clear and authoritative presentation of the principles of meditation, Ngondro, and Mahamudra by one of Tibet's highest Lamas.
Kalu Rinpoche Profound Buddhism One of Tibet's foremost Lamas explains how to deal with life's vicissitudes from all three Yanas points of view (Hinayana, Mahayana, Vasrayana).
Kalupahana David J Buddhist Philosophy Scholarly history and analysis of Buddhist philosophy, from the earliest non-sectarian Buddhism to the many schools existing today.
Kapleau Roshi Philip Zen: dawn in the west Companion volume to the "Three Pillars of Zen" presenting Zen practice in a Western milieu.
Kapleau Roshi Philip The three pillars of Zen Basic and thorough Zen treatise
Kapleau Roshi Philip The wheel of life & death Companion to "the Three Pillars of Zen", presenting Zen as practiced in the West. Gives good advice on what to do for the dying, or dead from all Buddhists points of view, also somewhat applicable to non-Buddhists, i.e. keeping the area calm.
Kapleau Roshi Philip To cherish all life Presenting the case for Buddhists to become vegetarian. Introduction to animal husbandry and slaughter. Philosophical issues around meat-eating from different Buddhist as well as other religion's points of view.
Karmapa 17th Gyalwang His Holiness Short, illustrated story of the current Karmapa, in English and Tibetan, published in Nepal. Two copies.
Karmapa 9th The Mahamudra - eliminating the darkness of ignorance Surprisingly clear (because it written centuries ago!), easy to understand, well known text by the 9th Karmapa on Mahamudra and the preliminaries. Step by step guide to the practices.
Karmapa 16th Refuge Short concise guide to refuge practice by the 16th Karmapa.
Karr Andy Contemplating reality Clarifies basic Buddhist concepts (conduct, meditation, genuine reality) for modern Buddhists.
Karthar Rinpoche Dharma paths In depth introduction to Tibetan Buddhism by a well known Kagyu Lama, who headed the centre in Woodstock, New York. Good guide to meditation, lots of Q&A sections.
Karthar Rinpoche Bardo - interval of possibility Very clear and detailed explanation of The Bardo and what to do - at every opportunity in this life - to be prepared.
Kato Bunno The threefold lotus sutra Scholarly translation of three major Mahayana concepts of a famous text: 1) all sentient beings can attain enlightenment, 2) Buddha is eternal, 3) to reach enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.
Kazi Sonam Topgay Tibet House museum This museum in Dharamsala collects and preserves rare manuscripts and objects of art brought by Tibetan refuges. The book also explains the stories behind the objects.
Kennedy Alex The Buddhist vision Primer to complex Buddhist concepts, such as the mandalas of the five Buddha families, for Westerners.
Keown Damien Buddhist Ethics Part of the Oxford University Press philosophy series "Very short introductions" , in this case a very short summary of Buddhist ethics.
Khandro Ani Rinchen Kagyu Samye Ling - the story An illustrated history celebrating 40 years of Kagyu Samye Ling in Scotland.
Khandro Rinpoche This precious life Four reminders, preliminary thoughts, explained in detail by a female Tibetan Rinpoche, who grew up in India and was much exposed to Westerners.
Khang Men-Tsee Fundamentals of Tibetan medicine A systematic, structured introduction to the principles of Tibetan medicine.
Khastor Jary Short history of this famous Stupa
Khema Ayya When the iron eagle flies A famous female Western Buddhist teacher presents Buddhism to the Western reader. Forward by HH, the Dalai Lama. Theravada.
Khyentse Dzongsar Jamyang What makes you not a Buddhist A contemporary and blunt commentary on proper Tibetan Buddhist practice by a relatively young Master, who cuts through clichés and stereotypes.
Khyentse Dilgo The heart treasure of the Enlightened Ones The entire Tibetan Buddhist practice is represented here in the "Mani", with its broad and deeper significance. Very convincing treatise of the four thoughts that turn the mind.
Khyentse Dilgo The heart of compassion The 37-fold practice of a Bodhisattva. Rinpoche comments on this poem of spiritual instructions from 14th century Tibet for developing compassion.
Khyentse Dilgo The wish fulfilling jewel Explanation and commentary on Guru Yoga practice according to the Longchen Nyinthig tradition.
Khyentse Dilgo Illuminating the profound path
Khyentse Dilgo The hundred versus of advice These 100 verses on how to train our thoughts and discover our ultimate nature are commented upon by Rinpoche in his lucid and convincing manner.
Khyentse Dilgo Enlightened courage Explanation and commentary on the 7-point mind training
Kongtrul Jamgon Torch of certainty The classic companion text for those practising Ngondro. Contains interviews with and advice from eminent modern Masters.
Kongtrul Jamgon Creation and completion The meaning and practice of deity visualization by the famous Tibetan master and scholar of the 19th century. Contains an excellent introduction to the principles by the translator. Thrangu Rinpoche provides a logical and lucid explanation of meaning and purpose of the methods.
Kongtrul Jamgon A direct path to enlightenment A short, concise pamphlet on 7-point mind training. First point: the preliminaries, i.e. the 4 thoughts. Includes clarifying comments by eminent modern Masters.
Kongtrul Jamgon The great path of awakening Explanation and guide to "the seven points of mind training" by the great 19th century master.
Kongtrul Jamgon The light of wisdom Oral teachings of Padmasambava are commented upon by Jamgon Kongtrul, the great, who lived in the late 19th century. The translator gives a good introduction and explanation to the text.
Kopp Sheldon If you meet the Buddha on the road, Kill him The author is basically telling the readers to not look to the outside for answers but to take responsibly for their own salvation.
Kornfield Jack After the ecstasy, the laundry:
Kornfield Jack A still forest pool A guide to insight meditation
Kornfield Jack Living dharma Twelve Buddhist masters from different Buddhist schools (all Theravada) are interviewed.
Kornfield Jack A path with heart Easy to read guide (very approachable for Westerners) to Buddhist meditation and attitudes.
Krishnamurti J Education and the significance of life Krishnamurti elaborates on true education, namely self knowledge.
Krishnamurti J Talks with American students Summary of talks of the late 60s to college students, essentially about his tenets that "you are the world, the world is in you and can only change through you and your efforts".
Kübler-ross Elizabeth To live until we say goodbye
Kübler-ross Elizabeth Death - the final stage of growth Scholar and psychiatrist shows us how to stop denying death, and let it to help us grow instead.
Kübler-ross Elizabeth On death and dying Famous psychological study of the needs of the dying and how to serve them
Kulananda Principles of Buddhism Good overview on the history, definition, ethics of Buddhism, and its different types of meditation.
Kumar Anand Tibet: A sourcebook About contemporary Tibet (publ. 1995) and its dilemma. Valuable resource and reference book for Scholars and students of International Relations and Asian Studies.
Kunsang Erik Pema Blazing splendor These memoirs of a famous Tulku help the reader understand some of the basics of Tibetan Buddhism.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
LaBerge Stephen Exploring the world of Lucid dreaming Background and "how to" guide to lucid dreaming by well known scholar in the field.
Laird Thomas The story of Tibet An account of Tibetan myths and history via conversations with the Dalai Lama.
Lama Zopa Rinpoche Transforming problems into happiness Emotional states, such as anger, desire, etc. can be used as the path (Gelugpa).
Lati Rinpochay Death, intermediate state and rebirth Translation and commentary on death, intermediate state, and rebirth (Gelugpa).
Lati Rinpochay Meditative states Meditative practices for calm and insight, including technical detail.
Lati Rinpochay Mind in Tibetan Buddhism About awareness and knowledge. Classification of different types of mindsets and consciousness (Gelugpa).
Leboyer Frédérick Birth without violence How to deliver babies without trauma (under water birth) much discussed in its day (1974).
Lenz Rama Frederick Surfing the Himalayas A snowboarder collides with a monk, who alters the course of his life.
Levey Joel The fine arts of relaxation, concentration and meditation Description of all types of meditation. Provides both contemporary arguments for the value of meditation as well as suggestions for various practices.
Levine Norma Blessing power of the Buddha Personal account of a young Western woman visiting India and its holy places, looking for holy Buddhist objects. Her own experience with these objects and their deeper meaning is described. She also describes her many visits with Tai Situpa.
Lhalungpa Lobsang P Life of Milarepa Illustrated biography of a "great sinner who became a great saint".
Lindenberg V Meditation and Mankind: Philosophy and history of meditation and prayer of the main known religions: early Christianity, Chinese philosophy, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zen, Yoga, Hassidim, Islam, Eastern and Western Catholicism.
Ling Trevor The Buddha's philosophy of man Essential dogma, ethics and social attitudes of the Theravada school.
Ling Trevor The Buddha Scholarly history of Buddhism. Interesting account of the socio-cultural situation in the 6th century, and the fate of Buddhism in India and Ceylon.
Lok The seeker's glossary of Buddhism Extensive encyclopaedia of Buddhist terms by the "Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation".
Longchenpa Kindly bent to ease us - part two Dzogchen meditation practice (Nyingma School)
Losada Isabel For Tibet with love Slightly over-the-top story of an adventurous young woman from London visiting India and Nepal.
Lowenstein Tom The vision of the Buddha Beautifully illustrated guide to Buddhist history and legends.
Luk Charles Practical Buddhism Ch'an ("Chinese Zen") teachings for daily life
Luk Charles The vimalakirti Nirdesa sutra Classic scripture of Mahayana Buddhism and Zen, translated and commented upon for Westerners.
Lukas Sarah K The Art of Exile Scenes of Tibet painted by exiled Tibetan children , living in India.
Lutyens Mary The second penguin Krishnamurti reader How to live peacefully and within oneself in an increasingly hostile world by well-known modern, trans-Buddhist, trans-hinduist Indian Sage, who travelled and taught in the West.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
MacDonald Kathleen How to meditate Practical guide to meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist way
MacDonell Arthur A Sanskrit grammar Primer for students on Sanskrit grammar
Mackenzie Vicky Cave in the snow An English woman becomes a Buddhist and lives in isolation in a cave for 12 years. An interesting account of her experiences.
Maillart Ella The land of the Sherpas An interesting account of life and culture of Nepalese Sherpa's, before they became influenced by Western culture.
Maitreya Asanga The changeless nature The ultimate Mahayana Explanatory text on the changeless nature (Buddha nature). Translated by Katia and Ken Holmes as closely to the original as possible so that the original meaning is fathomed by the informed reflective reader.
Majupurias Holy places of Buddhism in Nepal & India Guide to the holy places of Buddhism in India and Nepal, includes history and commentary.
Maraini Fosco Secret Tibet An Italian explorer immerses himself completely in Tibetan culture, its people, and beliefs.
Martin Michele Music in the sky Teachings, poetry, and spiritual insights of HH, the 17th Karmapa
Mascaro Juan The Bhagavad Gita Well known Vedic epic "the song of God
Mascetti Manuela Dunn Buddha Concise booklet on Buddhism, the path, psychology, the Sutras, and Mantras, accompanied by Japanese paintings.
Masters Jarvis Jay Finding freedom [in death row] How spiritual practice and meditation can change a life completely, even in death row.
McLeod Ken The writing of Kalu Rinpoche The comments of Rinpoche on Buddhist principles and important Tibetan Buddhist meditation methods
McLeod Melvin The best Buddhist writing Collection of poignant writings by well known authors and teachers on the various aspects of Buddhism.
Mehta P D Holistic consciousness Interesting reading for anyone concerned with realization, whatever the creed, by well known scholar of religion, particularly of Vedanta.
Mehta P D Buddhahood Collection of essays by scholar on Buddhism and yoga, mediation, death, and liberation.
Mermet Giles Tibet Extensively illustrated study of contemporary Tibet
Merton Thomas The way of ChuangTzu Merton's interpretation of the classic Chinese Tao philosopher
Milarepa Miraculous journey: new songs and stories Newly translated narratives about and songs by Milarepa, providing a more candid glimpse of this personality than the previous more official texts.
Miller Luree On top of the world; Five women explorers in Tibet Interesting account of diverse courageous women of the Victorian age who explored Tibet on their own.
Miller Timothy Wanting what you have A clinical psychologist deals with our insatiable need for MORE. He argues that instead we should learn to want what we already have. The treatise combines Buddhist approaches with modern cognitive therapy.
Mingyur Rinpoche The Joy of living
Mingyur Rinpoche Joyful wisdom Practical, positive Buddhist approach to the issues of life (backed up scientifically) by a young, contemporary Tibetan master.
Mipham Jamgön White Lotus Explanation of the 7-line prayer to Guru Padmasambava
Mizuno Kögen Basic Buddhist concepts The fundamental concepts common to all Buddhist schools and sects are elucidated by a scholar of Indian and Buddhist philosophy.
Mizuno Kögen Buddhist sutras Account of both the origin and the development of the sutras, and about the monks who introduced them to their lands, for example China.
Moacanin Radmila Jung's psychology and Tibetan Buddhism An excellent psychological explanation of the efficacy of Vajrayana methods by an Jungian. The book also compares Buddhist with Jungian psychology methods "to heal the soul".
Mori Masahiro The Buddha in the robot A robotic engineer adapts Buddhist principles for people living in a scientific age.
Mullin Glenn H Selected works of the Dalai Lama II: Translation and commentary of 4 main texts, such as the Vajahharana; making and empowering "flower essence pills, and Tantric yogas.
Mullin Glenn H The fourteen Dalai Lamas For almost 6 centuries the Dalai Lamas played an important role in the spiritual world of the greater Asian region. For about 3 centuries they also held secular power in Tibet. This book elucidates the secret mythology associated with the Dalai Lamas within the climate of the times.
Mullin Glenn H The six yogas of Naropa History and substance of this particular yoga system: inner heat, illusory body, clear light, transference, forceful projection, and Bardo yoga.
Mullin Glenn H Death & Dying This survey describes and explains current and ancient Tibetan texts on preparing for death.
Murphy Dervla Tibetan foothold Interesting account of a European woman who helped Tibetan refuges in India
Myss Caroline Anatomy of spirit New ecumenical way to understand the seven energy centres of the body. It interprets Judaic, Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist concepts of power regarding seven universal truths.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Nagarjuna Golden Zephyr Comments on Nagarjuna's "letter to a friend", in which he instructs a friend on how to practice the Dharma in his daily life. Common sense analysis of the human plight.
Nairn Betty From lamplighters to cyberspace Memoirs of the mother of Rob Nairn, who was a member of the Theosophical society, became a yoga teacher in Cape Town, and saw the early beginnings of The Karma Kagyu Centre in Cape Town.
Nairn Robert Diamond mind
Nairn Robert Intsaayelo Kwinkumbulelo (Tranquil Mind: Introduction to meditation) Introduction to Buddhist meditation for Shona readers
Nairn Robert Living dreaming dying Good explanation of Tibetan Buddhist principles, including scientific interpretation, to the modern reader. Good explanation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.
Nairn Robert Stil gemoed (Tranquil Mind: Introduction to meditation) Introduction to Buddhist meditation in Afrikaans
Nairn Robert Tranquil Mind: Introduction to meditation Practical guide to Buddhist meditation
Nairn Robert What is meditation? Practical guide to Buddhist Meditation (same as Tranquil Mind)
Namgyel Elizabeth The power of an open question …communicates the heart of the teachings [on emptiness] to Western practitioners without jargon". How to be present with an absolutely open mind in each situation.
Nanamoli Bhikkhu Mindless of breathing
Narada Maha Thera The Buddha and his teachings First part reviews the life of Buddha, the second part is devoted to the Dhamma (Pali term for his doctrine).
Nauman St Elmo Dictionary of Asian Philosophies Encyclopaedia or handbook that gives quite extensive information on Asian philosophical terms as well as famous masters & philosophers, such as Naropa.
Nicolson Nigel The Himalayas: The world's wild places Amply illustrated book, includes history, geography, flora & fauna, myths, and culture of this region.
Niwano Nikkyö Shakyamuni Buddha: A narrative biography Biography of Buddha
Niwano Nikkyö Modern Meditations: A Buddhist sampler This sampler gives valuable advice for practitioners in secular world.
Niwano Nikkyö A guide to the threefold Lotus Sutra Modern interpretation of the 3-fold Lotus Sutra and its companion sutras. Lucid interpretation for people of today.
Niwano Nikkyö A buddhist approach to peace The Lotus Sutra as a vehicle for achieving world peace. The author encourages religious cooperation, emphasizing that the deeper meaning of each religion is universal.
Niwano Nikkyö Buddhism for today Modern interpretation of the 3-fold Lotus Sutra and its companion sutras. Lucid interpretation for people of today. (same as A guide to the threefold Lotus Sutra)
Norbu Jamyang Warriors of Tibet Narrative of a Tibetan warrior who lost his family during the Chinese invasion and had to flee to Dharamsala.
Norbu Chögyal Namkhai Dzogchen - the self-perfected state Nyingma equivalent to Mahamudra
Norbu Chögyal Namkhai Dream yoga and the practice of natural light Nyingma approach to dream yoga. Gives practical "how to " advice.
Norbu Thinley Magic dance Tibetan Meditation advice and commentary on the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) represented by the 5 wisdom consorts (female wisdom Buddhas).
Norbu Thinley The small golden key The key to the teachings of Buddha. The book gives a short, concise synopsis of important, particularly Tibetan, Buddhist terms and methods.
Norman Alexander The Secret lives of the Dalai Lama Fast-paced narrative on the real background of the politics and culture of Tibetan Buddhism. Although critical, the author shows the current Dalai Lama to be a man of immense courage, compassion, and integrity.
Norris Kathleen The cloister walk A Western protestant, married woman describes her two extended residencies among Benedictine monks. "Part memoir, part meditation".


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Oldenberg Herman Buddha: His life, His doctrine, His order Well recognized European scholar on Buddhism provides an in depth history and interpretation of Buddha's life, his doctrine, and his order.
Orofino Giacomella Sacred Tibetan teachings Scholarly look into Tibetan texts on death and dying, " … a worthy companion to WY Evens-Wentz's classic works in this field".


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Padmasambava The light of wisdom Root text by Padmasambava, as well as his teachings to Yeshe Tsogyal. Commentary by Jamgon Kongtrul, the Great.
Padmasambava The legend of the great stupa The life story of Padmasambava as well as a brief history of Buddhism in Tibet. Required text at several American universities.
Padmasambhava The Tibetan book of the dead First complete translation (first published in 2005); foreword by HH the Dalai Lama.
Padmasambhava Dakini teachings Padmasambhava's oral instruction to Lady Tsogyal, his chief disciple. Introductory discourse by Venerable Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.
Pallis Marco The way and the mountain Nine essays by a renaissance man, universalist, Buddhist, composer etc., on the still rigorous tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, "… also provides insight into a culture that has suffered years of brutal suppression".
Palmo Tenzin Reflections on a mountain lake Reflections on major Buddhist tenets and concerns common to all Buddhist practitioners, for example the role of the teacher, insight and calming meditation, motivation & practice, etc.
Parrinder Geoffrey The wisdom of the early Buddhists …traditional Buddhist teachings in popular form gives a marvellously clear picture of the Buddha himself
Patrul Rinpoche The words of my perfect teacher Classic Ngondro and Mahamudra text. Ngondro and Mahamudra practitioners are advised to have this text.
Patrul Rinpoche The practice of the Essence of the sublime heart jewel Profound stanzas (in Tibetan and English) of Patrul Rinpoche translated to preserve their essence by Thinley Norbu. In essence, how to practice OM MANI PADME HUM. This text is also commented upon in depth by HH Dilgo Khentse in the The heart treasure of the Enlightened Ones, also in this library.
Patterson George N Tibetan journey Account of an adventurous journey from China through South-Eastern Tibet to India by a Scottish surgeon in the late 1940s. Old Tibet is well described, the Chinese are gathering at the borders.
Pema Jetsun Tibet, my story Memoirs of a sister of the Dalai Lama
Pemba Lhamo Tibetan proverbs Extensive collection of wise, sometimes humorous, proverbs that reflect the nature of the Tibetans.
Pepper Margaret The Pan dictionary of religious quotations Ecumenical selection of >4000 notable quotations from the world's major religions.
Piyadassi Thera The Buddha's ancient path Theravada presentation of the Buddha's tenets
Ponlop Rinpoche Mind beyond death Excellent, profound treatise of the Kagyu (also Nyingma) Buddhist path, from meditation to dying, by an eminent and popular young Tibetan master, who is very familiar with the West.
Porter Bill Road to heaven A westerner went to China to discover Chinese hermits (Zen, Taoist). The book describes his encounters.
Powell Robert Zen and reality Stripped down non-sectarian approach to happiness and sanity.
Prabhavananda and Ch. Isherwood Swami How to know God; The yoga aphorisms of Patanjali About yoga, its aims, its practice, its powers, and its deeper meaning.
Prabhupada Swami Song of God The Bhagavad-Gita
Pratapaditya Pal Tibetan paintings Art history, history' and explanation of Tibetan religious paintings, their different periods and styles.
Prebish Charles S Buddhism: A modern perspective Introduction to Buddhism and the life of Buddha. Focusses on early history of Buddhism and early doctrines. Examines Buddhism in India, outside India, in Tibet, and the West.
Preece Rob Psychology of Buddhist tantra The basic approach of Tantra is explained: to not suppress or avoid the turmoil of existence but to confront and work with it. Very readable.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Rabjam Longchen The basic space of phenomena Stanzas in Tibetan and English on Dzogchen tantras. The book may be difficult but the teachings are profound, " their meaning unfolds as ones spiritual maturity increases" (by the editor).
Rab-jam-pa Longchen The four-themed precious garland Introduction to and commentary on Dzogchen by one of the original codifiers, translated and explained again from a modern viewpoint by high Nyingma Lamas.
Rabten Geshe Echoes of voidness Wise, clear treatise of the concept of voidness, using the Heart Sutra as basis. Commentary on 'Guide to the middle way' and other classic texts. Explains Mahamudra as a method to experience voidness. Well written.
Rabten Geshe Treasury of Dharma A Tibetan Buddhist meditation course by an eminent master well versed with Western thinking (Gelugpa).
Rabten Geshe The essential Nectar Lucid explanation of and elaboration on the Lam rim text: the sequential order of the path to enlightenment (The essential Nectar of the Holy Doctrine) by an eminent Tibetan Buddhist scholar and master. Includes treatise of Ngondro.
Rabten Geshe Advice from a Spiritual Friend Compendium of essential teachings of Atisha, an Indian Dharma master, AD 982. The 7-part thought transformation commented upon by Geshe Rabten, and the jewel Rosary of an awakening warrior commented upon by Geshe Dhargyey.
Rahula W What the Buddha taught A simple and reliable introduction by an author (Buddhist monk and scholar) who has " a firm grasp of the vast material to be sifted". Addressed to "the educated and intelligent reader".
Rangdrol Tsele Natsok Lamp of Mahamudra The entire path of Mahamudra (ground, path, fruition Mahamudra) is explained lucidly by a prominent 17th century master of Kagyu and Nyingma lineages. Foreword By H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Introduction by Ven. Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche.
Rangdrol Tsele Natsok The mirror of mindfulness The cycle of the 4 Bardos explained by renowned 17th century master (Kagyu and Nyingma lineage) in modern, concise translation.
Rawding F W The Buddha Short, concise Cambridge Introduction to the History of Mankind history of Buddha and his teachings.
Ray Reginald In the presence of masters Extracts of teachings on all steps of the Tibetan Buddhist path by thirty of the most eloquent masters who helped establish Buddhism in the West.
Reps Paul Zen flesh, Zen bones Zen and pre-Zen writings on Zen experiences , mind problems, and stages of awareness.
Ribush Nicholas Teachings from Tibet Guidance to the essence of Buddhist practice by great Lamas, H.H. die Dalai lama, Geshe Rabten, and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche.
Ringu Tulku Daring steps towards fearlessness Lucid explanation of the path, from the most basic meditation techniques to Mahamudra and Tantra.
Ringu Tulku From milk to yoghurt A recipe for living and dying: short, concise advice on death, devotion, the role of the teacher, Qs & As by Master very familiar with the West.
Ringu Tulku The lojong Seven points mind-training by eminent Tibetan master, who knows the Western mind.
Ringu Tulku Practice of Green Tara
Ringu Tulku Chenrezig - the practice of compassion Very readable in depth explanation of the Chenrezig puja . Version from the karma Kagyu point of view in addition to Bokar Rinpoche's version.
Ringu Tulku The Ri-me philosophy of Jamgön Kontrul the Great Author outlines Tibetan Philosophy of the past two centuries: history and study of the different lineages and their masters.
Robinson James B Buddha's Lions
Roerich Nicholas Shambala A Western artist, philosopher travels through central Asia and Tibet at the turn of the previous century. He explores the myths and teachings on Shambala, mostly an inner space "attainable through the Noblest and most intensive activity".


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Sahn Master Seung Only don't know Contemporary Zen master responds to Western Students' questions on Zen application to daily life.
Sahn Master Seung Dropping ashes on the Buddha The Zen master's methods with his students. The dialogues and teachings took place in the US, methods were thus applied in a modern context.
Sangharakshita The taste of Freedom Radical synopsis on goal ad practice of Buddhism by leading Western Buddhist teacher.
Sangharakshita The ten pillars of Buddhism Comprehensive guide by well known Western teacher to the moral dimension of human life. Thought-provoking.
Sangharakshita The eternal legacy Clear, concise introduction to the Canonical Literature of Buddhism.
Sangharakshita The religion of Art The role of art in religion. How both art and religion can lead to an expansion of consciousness.
Santideva The Bodhicaryavatara Path of a Bodhisattva is an important manual of training in Mahayana Buddhism, especially the Tibetan tradition.
Santina Peter Della The tree of enlightenment Scholarly, yet clear introduction to Buddhism, its tenets and different applications, i.e. Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Abidharma.
Santina Peter Della Fundamentals of Buddhism Scholarly but clear explanation of Buddhist basics by Western Scholar
Schneider David Street Zen: the life and work of Issan Dorsey A famous Zen Teacher's life, who previously was a drag queen, an alcoholic, took LSD, you name it… He became one of the most beloved teachers in American Zen.
Schumann H W The historical Buddha ...comprehensive biography examines the social, religious, and political conditions that gave rise to Buddhism.
Schuré Edouard The great initiates These include Krishna, Hermes, Pythagoras, and Plato, their lives and accomplishments.
Scobie Claire Last seen in Lhasa Western woman deeply befriends an extremely independent Tibetan nun, who conducts her own often dangerous pilgrimage in modern day Tibet.
Scott David The elements of Zen Essence of Zen, meditation and teaching methods, such as use of the Koan, or its role in the martial arts.
See The Seeker's glossary of Buddhism Useful for definition of unfamiliar terms, for gaining a broad understanding of Buddhist concepts, and as an introduction to Buddhism.
Sherwood Jane Post-mortem Journal Lawrence of Arabia communicates via a medium (author) about his post-mortem experience; about having to face one's deeds, good or bad, and to change in order to find peace.
Shrady Nicholas Sacred roads Adventures (and misadventures) from worldwide pilgrimage trails: though the Himalayas, India, Jerusalem, etc. by a Western seeker.
Smith Ingram Truth is a pathless land Personal account of the author's association with famous Indian philosopher and teacher Krishnamurti.
Snellgrove David L Himalayan pilgrimage A 7-month journey through the remote Tibetan regions of Nepal, where people still live and practice in the "old way".
Snellgrove David L A cultural history of Tibet Classic work on the rapidly vanishing civilization of Tibet.
Snelling John The elements of Buddhism Expert academic introduction: Concise, yet comprehensive.
Snelling John The Buddhist handbook Concise, comprehensive guide to Buddhism, the different schools, its practice, its role in the West, and "who is who" among contemporary teachers and masters.
Sogyal Rinpoche The Tibetan book of living and dying A clear manual of the" Tibetan Book of the dead" for the modern Western reader, Buddhist and Non-Buddhist. It contains sensitive, logical, and pragmatic advice on how to live, die, and how to help the dying and the dead. A compassionate reference book for critical situations.
Sogyal Rinpoche Glimpse after glimpse A calendar of words of wisdom for the reader to contemplate throughout the day, thus getting glimpses of deeper insight.
Solé-Leris A Tranquillity & Insight Introduction to the oldest form of Buddhist meditation (Theravada: Vipassana and Shamatha).
Songling Pu The conceited man Illustrated fable of an arrogant martial arts student who receives his come-uppance.
Sopa Geshe Lhundup Cutting through appearances Fundamental aspects of practice and theory of Tibetan Buddhism: meditation, Bodhichitta, etc.
Sparham Gareth Tibetan Dhammapada Tibetan version of the Dhammapada, i.e. sayings of the Buddha on desire, beauty, animosity, evil, etc.
Stevens John Lust for enlightenment: Buddhism & sex Interesting account of the role of sex in Buddhism: from celibacy to the other extreme.
Subhuti Dharmachari Buddhism for today Guide to a large Western Buddhist movement: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, and its practice.
Sumedho Ajahn Cittaviveka: Teaching from the silent mind Theravada teachings by an American Bhikkhu
Sumedho Ajahn The way it is American Theravada Bhikku gives a clear introduction to Buddhist methods.
Sumedho Ajahn The mind and the way Theravada Buddhist tenets and practice by an American teacher
Suzuki D T Essays in Zen Buddhism In depth treatise of Zen studies: the koan, secret message of Bodhi dharma, and passivity in Buddhist life.
Suzuki Beatrice Lane Mahayan Buddhism Complete overview on Mahayana vision of existence: unpretentious and comprehensive.
Suzuki D T The Zen doctrine of no mind Introduction to Zen by the most famous Zen scholar and teacher
Suzuki D T Studies in Zen Eminent Zen scholar and teacher gives a profound exposition on Eastern acceptance as opposed to Western intellectualism.
Swain Jasper On the death of my son Communication beyond death between a father and his son, who died in an accident.
Szekely Edmond The living Buddha Comparative studies of Buddhism and yoga. Short and concise, it deals with Western misconceptions and provides logical insight into Buddhist ideas.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Tai Situpa Awakening the sleeping Buddha Basic principles of Tibetan Buddhism are lucidly presented by eminent modern master.
Tai Situpa Being ultimately perfect Dharma in daily life for the urban professional
Tai Situpa Way to go Edited lectures govern by Tai Situpa in Dublin and Brussels on: Refuge, Bodhichitta, and mind training.
Tai Situpa Relative world, ultimate mind How human activities, such as medicine, psychology, and creative arts can become an essential part of a person's spiritual path.
Takuan Soho The unfettered mind Zen writings for the Samurai warrior that are also relevant for today's leaders.
Tam Thien Buddhism of Wisdom and Faith Study and commentary on Pure Land texts, with logical advice on how to practice, deal with afflictions, death, etc.
Tart Charles T Living the mindful life
Tarthang Tulku Gesture of balance: Theory and practice of (Tib. Buddh.) meditation, used for teaching in >144 university courses (USA, 1988).
Tarthang Tulku Openness mind Clear explanation of meditation, how to practice, and how to deal mindfully with afflictions.
Tarthang Tulku Tibetan meditation Practical step-by-step exercises (illustrated) in meditation and practice (Nyingma).
Tarthang Tulku Skilful means Buddhism and work: How to apply Buddhist principles and meditation techniques to the work situation.
Tarthang Tulku Reflections of mind Essays by the author (Nyingma) and by Western psychologists on the function of the human mind.
Tengyai Handbook of Tibetan Tibetan language: Graded program of study for those who wish to learn Tibetan.
Thanissaro Bhikku Handful of leaves Theravada: volume 1 of a 4-volume anthology of Suttas (discourses) from the Pali canon.
Theo Kiki Money Alchemy
Thera Maha K P King Fruitful Buddhist tales for young and old. Fifty Jataka stories to illustrate aspects of human character and to emphasize moral values.
Thera N Mindfulness of breathing: Anapanasati Suttas on respiration as part of the Pali canon on mind training.
Thera N The heart of Buddhist mediation Classic Theravada presentation of Buddhist teachings: meditation, discourses, anthology of translation.
Thera Naroda, Maha The Buddha and his teachings Theravada: Life of Buddha and the Dhamma.
Thera P Buddha's ancient path Theravada: Author clarifies important texts for Westerners.
Thera N.M. The Buddha: His life and teachings Extremely thorough history and prehistory of the Buddha and his teachings.
Thinley Karma History of the 16 Karmapas of Tibet Biographies of the first 16 Karmapas, translated from Tibetan sources.
Thogme N The 39 ways of conduct of the sons of the Victorious ones Tibetan stanzas in Tibetan, phonology, and English: on proper conduct in learning, reflection, and meditation.
Thomas EJ The road to nirvana Selection of Buddhist scriptures translated from the Pali.
Thomas EJ The perfection of wisdom
Thondup Tulku Rinpoche Enlightened living Translation of 8 texts written by great Nyingma scholars of Tibet.
Thondup Tulku Rinpoche Buddha Mind Anthology of writings on Dzogchen by celebrated adepts of the Nyingma lineage (1308-1363).
Thondup Tulku Rinpoche Hidden teachings of Tibet Nyingma explanation of the Terma tradition.
Thondup Tulku Rinpoche Buddhist civilization in Tibet Compendium, of Tibetan religion and literature for English speaking students. Extensive scholarly reference book.
Thrangu Rinpoche Open door to emptiness Clear teachings on Madhyamaha - the middle way -
Thrangu Rinpoche Ocean of definitive meaning Detailed, comprehensive presentation and instruction on Mahamudra by one of the lineage's foremost masters.
Thrangu Rinpoche Pointing out the dharmakaya
Thrangu Rinpoche Journey of the mind Excellent treatise of the Bardo.
Thrangu Rinpoche Seven points of mind training In depth and very clear advice on mind training, the 4 thoughts that turn the mind, developing relative and absolute Bodhicitta. Each section is followed by a question & answer session.
Thrangu Rinpoche The open door to emptiness
Thrangu Rinpoche Buddha nature: ten teachings on Uttara Tantra Shastra Lucid explanation of what "Buddha Nature" means.
Thurman Robert Essential Tibetan Buddhism Well written introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and its meaning by well known contemporary Columbia University scholar.
Tolle Eckhart Stillness speaks Non Buddhist approach using similar principles.
Tomio Shifu Nagaboshi The Bodhisattva warriors
Trungpa Chogyam The Myth of Freedom Ingenious, at times ironic, psychological approach to Tibetan Buddhist meditation.
Trungpa Chogyam Illusion's game Commentary on the relevance of Naropa's many journeys for today's practitioners, who aim to be ready to "meet the teacher's mind".
Trungpa Chogyam Garuda IV: the foundations of mindfulness Author discusses mindfulness as the basic approach to spirituality in all traditions, with particular emphasis on the Kagyu approach.
Trungpa Chogyam Training the mind By cultivating loving kindness, you can train the mind. The author uses 59 provocative slogans to drive his message home.
Trungpa Chogyam Cutting through spiritual materialism How to avoid self-deception, i.e. spiritual arrogance, in one's spiritual quest.
Trungpa Chogyam Journey without goal Lucid explanation of Tantric principles; the role of the teacher; differences between Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, etc.
Trungpa Chogyam Meditation in action Clear , non-esoteric introduction to Tibetan Buddhist meditation, its philosophy, practise, and its goals. Author discusses transmission (role of the guru-student relationship), the purpose of patience, discipline, wisdom, and generosity.
Trungpa Chogyam Great Eastern Sun Wisdom of Shambala
Trungpa Chogyam Visual Dharma Tantric iconography of Tibetan Buddhism, its creation and meaning: Thankas (colours, icons, symbols, etc.) and statuary. Gives a good brief background to Vajrayana principles.
Trungpa Chogyam Orderly chaos: the mandala principle According to the Mandala principle, existence is an orderly chaos: pain & pleasure, chaos & order are all inseparable parts of a total vision of reality.
Trungpa Chogyam Born in Tibet Autobiography up to the successful escape to India, followed by an epilogue on what happened thereafter, i.e. co-founding of the Samye Ling Centre in Scotland, and immigrating to America.
Trungpa Chogyam The heart of the Buddha Essays and talks by the author on the application of Buddhist teachings to daily, modern life.
Trungpa Chogyam The rain of wisdom Spiritual songs and poems by over 30 Buddhist teachers, including Milarepa and the author.
Trungpa Chogyam Transcending madness Psychological analysis of the meaning of the 6 Bardos. How to employ the madness of our psychological patterns to gain freedom.
Trungpa Chogyam The lion's roar: an introduction to Tantra The psychology of Tantra (the nine vehicles) applied to the modern mind. Based on two historic seminars by the author.
Tsogyal Yeshe The Lotus born Life story of Padmasambava. Translation of and commentary on the most authoritative scripture on how the Dharma reached Tibet.
Tulku Uergen Rinpoche Skilful grace Tara practice for our times; complete and detailed instructions on Tata practice.
Tze-Chiang Chinese Garden of Serenity Reflections of a Zen Buddhist on an epigram of the Ming Dynasty "Discourses in vegetable roots" . A synthesis of Taoism, Confucism, and early Buddhism.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Urgyen Tulku Swami Repeating the words of the Buddha Blunt, lucid, concise, no-nonsense treatise of Tibetan Buddhist tenets by The 16th Karmapa's last living teacher (published 1992).


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
van de Wetering J A Glimpse of nothingness Personal experience of an American Zen student in a Japanese Zen monastery; interesting, humorous, and well-written.
Venkatsenananda Swami Buddha: Dailey readings Compilation of the Buddha's gospel by a known Indian Swami; forward by Geshe Rabten.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Wallace Alan W Natural liberation
Wangyal Tenzin Rinpoche The Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep
Wangyal Tenzin Rinpoche The Tibetan yogas of dream and sleep
Ward T What the Buddha never taught Account of the author's experience in a strict Theravada jungle monastery, "by turns humorous, iconoclastic, and inspiring".
Ward T The great Dragon's fleas Interesting and lively account of a young Westerner's spiritual odyssey through several Buddhist lands, also non-Buddhist lands in the area (Asia).
Watts A W The Wisdom of insecurity A message for an age of anxiety" by a famous Western scholar of Zen, Tao, and Vedanta.
Watts A W The book on the taboo against knowing who you are This most famous of Watt's books deals with the cause and cure of the illusion of a separate self; the treatise is based on Vedanta philosophy.
Watts AW The way of liberation Treatise of Zen by well-known interpreter of Eastern philosophy, specialized in Zen and Taoism.
Watts AW Zen, the way of Zen Orderly, scholarly account of the Buddhist doctrine from the Zen perspective.
Wayman A Chanting the names of Manjusri First translation of one of the most revered and often used Tantric texts: the Manjusry-Nana-Samgiti.
Whiteman JHM Aphorisms on spiritual method Comprehensive up-to-date explanations of tenets in the Rig-Veda, the Upanishads, and early Buddhism. Detailed treatise of altered sates of consciousness.
Williams Paul Mahayana Buddhism Scholarly up-to-date account of Mahayana principles, within their historical and cultural context.
Wilber K A brief history of everything A birds-eye view of human evolution - from a biological, historical, socioeconomical, and spiritual point of view. Provides an interesting discourse on gender in all these aspects.
Willis JD Feminine ground: essays on women and Tibet Scholarly survey on the role of Tibetan women or women per se in Buddhism. Several female scholars look at the problem from different angles. Description of still prevailing patriarchal institutions and attitudes. However, examples of historical realized women as well as todays diligent, self-empowering, albeit self-effacing, nuns provide encouragement for the female practitioner.
Wilson M In praise of Tara Collection of Indian and Tibetan praises of and contemplations on Tara, including the history of the origin of the Tara Tantra.


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Yeshe lama Thubten The Essence of Tibetan Buddhism
Yeshe lama Thubten Make your mind an ocean On the nature of the mind and the Buddhist approach to mental illness, taking into account the author's discourses with Western psychiatrists.
Yeshe lama Thubten Becoming your own therapist Buddhist psychology, theory, and practice for the Western student and practitioner.
Yeshe lama Thubten Introduction to Tantra The author clarifies the meaning of Tantra, i.e. the skilful use of passion. He dismantles misunderstandings and explains various Tantric methods.
Yeshe lama Losal Rinpoche Joyful Living part 2 Helpful pragmatic guidelines to meditation. The author is very much aware of the typical pitfalls for most students. Gives a good, short treatise on dying, and on helping the dying. Contains a Q&A section. Part one is not available in the library.
Yogananda Paramhansa Autobiography of a Yogi This famous story of a great Indian Master was translated into 16+ languages. It reveals Hindu principles. The Master has lived many years in the West.
Yogeshwari Muhl Venkatesa: Daily readings


Surname First Name Title Brief Description
Zwalf W Buddhism - Art & Faith More than 400 examples of Buddhist art and its meaning are illustrated and described. Most examples and scholarly sources are from the British Museum and British Library.

Buddhist Tales for Children

Pai Anant Amar Chitra series Buddhist Tales
Pai Anant Amar Chitra series Jakata Tales - true friends
Pai Anant Amar Chitra series Jakata Tales -Nandivishala and other stories
Pai Anant Amar Chitra series Jakata Tales - the mouse merchant and the invaluable treasure
Pai Anant Amar Chitra series Jakata Tales - the magic chant and other stories
Meng Lu Three precious pearls