Understanding the Mahayana

Travelling from Planet Ego to the Universe of Altruism

"Studying, questioning and learning with others in a community of awakening engages your heart as well as your mind." – Ponlop Rinpoche

In the Mahayana teachings we look at the possibility of generating limitless compassion, the unbounded intention to help all sentient beings. This motivation and its application are based on the central Mahayana notion that all sentient beings possess buddha nature, the potential to become a perfect buddha.

These teachings guide us in becoming less self-centered and more compassionate in our relationships with others. They provide both a profound view of reality and very practical means for helping others.

We have negotiated special access to audio recordings and readings from the newly devised Mahayana course, currently being taught by Ponlop Rinpoche's senior students in Seattle.

Cost   Members: no cost  Non Members R60 per session .

Alternate Thursdays with Luke Younge

7.00 to 8.30pm

To book or for more information please email capetown@kagyu.org.za  or phone 021 7612978