Bardo Study Group

Ani Tsondru, a nun in the Kagyu Lineage, will be leading the group. She has completed a 3,5 year closed retreat plus a further 4 year retreat. She is now leading Contemplative Wilderness Within trails mainly in the Umfolozi area. She is currently in Spain but the group will continue as from September this year.

Next date: Saturday 11 January 2020 @ 12 noon

ALL WELCOME! The group is studying the book "Mind beyond Death" by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche.

With profound understanding of the Western mind and warm informality, The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche makes the mysterious Tibetan teachings on the bardos  - the intervals of life, death, and beyond- completely available to the modern reader.

This tour de force gives us the knowledge to transform death, the greatest obstacle, into the most powerful opportunity for enlightenment. With both nuts-and-bolts meditation techniques and brilliant illumination, Mind beyond Death offers a clear map and a sturdy vehicle that will safely transport the reader through the challenging transitions of this life and the perilous bardos beyond death.

Hosted by the Cape Town Bardo Group these study sessions will deepen your knowledge and integrate the wisdom of these teachings into day to day life.

Enquiries to: 082 578 2000