Drupon Rinpoche

31 Aug – 7 Sept 2017

We have most encouraging news that Drupon Rinpoche’s retreat at Tara Rokpa Centre in South Africa is confirmed, subject to the issuance of a visa by the South African government.

A retreat not to be missed with a special and unusual teacher

In 2004 Thrangu Rinpoche asked Drupon Rinpoche to return to Nepal and become Retreat Master of the traditional three year, three months’ retreat at the site of Milarepa’s cave, known as Nyi Shang Ka Te Puk. During that time Drupon Rinpoche was also Khenpo of Thrangu Nunnery and continued to make annual visits to numerous Centres of various traditions in Taiwan and Malaysia.

On completion of the long retreat at Thrangu Rinpoche’s Centre, Drupon Rinpoche was invited to Kagyu Samye Ling, as Khenpo and Retreat Master, where he will help to establish a Tibetan Buddhist Shedra, (college) and visit the long term Men’s and Women’s Retreat Centres on the Isle of Arran and Holy Isle. Drupon Rinpoche has been requested to come to Samye Ling on an annual basis, and in subsequent years is also expected to visit other Samye Dzong and Rokpa Centres.

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