Circle of Nourishment

Our main social relief project is in supporting mothers and new-born babies at Mowbray Maternity Hospital, through our weekly serving of sandwiches and fruits,  and the donation of Stork Bundles.

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Close on 1,000 babies are born at MMH every month. Over 90% of the mothers are unable to pay the hospital for their services. Many expectant mothers visit the day clinic without having eaten. Our service is to provide a peanut butter and jam sandwich and fruit to the mothers, and any accompanying member(s) of family. Our project reaches between 200 - 350 people every week.

Social workers further identified another need - maternity packs for impoverished mothers. We created 'Stork Bundles", a humble maternity pack for mothers to take home with their newborns. The contents include reusable nappies, infant and baby clothes, knitted beanies, maternity pads and whatever else our fundraising budget allows us to include (toothbrushes, soaps etc.). To date we have delivered over 1,000 Stork Bundles in the past two years (June 2012 - February 2015).

Stork Bundles

Stork Bundles

A small community of volunteers sustain our commitment. We can always do with more 'makers' or 'servers' to assist the project, as well as fundraisers.

In fact there are countless ways to assist our work ~

  • Donate bars of SOAP – we are always collecting bars of soap to add to the next batch of bundles. Two types of soap: Sunlight soap bars for laundry (R5 for a small bar) & toilet soaps for the moms (eg. R6 for Lux or similar). Please try remember to bring 1 BAR OF SOAP to your next meditation class!

  • Share our documentary with friends & family through your social media channels. If you have a connection to a corporate who would like to invest in a worthy social investment project, please introduce us! Or you may have a connection to a beauty & health brand that may donate items for our Stork Bundles (please email us for a list of contents and itemised costs of bundles).

  • Sponsor our bread supply for a week (R120) or month (R480). We use 10 whole-wheat loaves per week/ 40 loaves for a month’s supply of serving.

  • Sponsor a bag of oranges (R20), we typically use 10 bags of fruit a week.

  • Add a large jar of sugar-free peanut butter (R39) or small tin of jam (R13) to your grocery trolley once a month, and drop it off at the centre.

  • Knit beanies & booties for newborns! Download the following patterns: Knitting Pattern for Beanie; Mother Theresa Pattern

  • All donations of time, items and monetary make this work POSSIBLE!

If you would like to support our efforts in any way, please contact Jenny at

Our Bank Details for sponsorship ~

Rokpa Charity Acc no. 907 4203 994 Branch code 632005 ABSA Bank, Claremont Ref: Your Name & sponsorship allocation (bread/ soap etc)

“When we concern ourselves with the welfare of those less fortunate than ourselves, without pride or desire for fame and recognition, we too will have found the right way. Gradually, as we gain in confidence and strength of purpose, our benevolence can come to include everyone who is suffering.” 

- Akong Tulku Rinpoche