Sadhana / Puja



Thurs: 6pm


There is no charge for this practice, just an investment of time.

Everybody is welcome to join in. Chanting, visualisation and recitation of the compassion mantra om mane peme hung.

All welcome, no prerequisites.



Medicine Buddha

First Sat of the month 9:45am

Next dates:  1 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 1 Dec


We live in times when the blessings and healing energies of Medicine Buddha are extremely precious. Everyone is welcome to join us. There is no problem to participate in this practice without having received the empowerment. This beautiful, useful and very valuable sadhana is a wonderful opportunity to encourage one another in the practice while being blessed by our Karma Kagyu lineage.  The healing of their wisdom and compassion is our guiding light. Email Lindi te Water to be added to the Medicine Buddha mailing list:


Green Tara

2nd Saturday of the month @ 9.30am

Next dates  8 Sept, 13 Oct, 10 Nov, 8 Dec


This practice helps to remove fear and obstacles. In Tibet Tara is seen to be a female manifestation of the Buddha’s Enlightened Mind and Energy and to have the complementary female power of the Bodhisattva of Limitless Love and Compassion, All Seeing Chenrezig

She is believed to help practitioners overcome fear, anxiety, dangers, and acts quickly for those who ask for her help. She is depicted as though she is ready to leap up and come to the aid of those in need.

Everybody is welcome to participate in the puja and do the visualization. If you are attracted to the practice, you are encouraged to get the empowerment when you have the opportunity, if you don’t already have it.



Every 3rd Sat of the month  @ 9.30am

Next dates: 18 Aug, 15 Sept, 20 Oct, 17 Nov


Amitabha is the Buddha of Boundless Light and is part of the Lotus Family (one of the Five Dhyani Buddha Families). Many Eons ago Amitabha  generated Bodhicitta and took fifty-one vows to lead all sentient beings to the pure realm Dewachen, the Land of Great Bliss (Sukhavati). On a deeper level Amitabha represents the nature of our mind which is limitless and luminous and also represents the transformation of one of the five mind poisons, Desire.

Amitabha is practised during one’s lifetime as a preparation for death. It can also be done on behalf of someone who has passed away to help them take rebirth in Dewachen.  Only people who have refuge and empowerment can receive the practice instructions. However,  anybody is welcome to attend the puja and just sit and recite the mantra.



Guru Rinpoche Puja

Last Sat of the month @ 9.30am
Next dates:  25 Aug, 29 Sep, 27 Oct, 24 Nov


Ngondro Practice

1st Mon of the month @ 7pm

Next dates: 3 Sept


The practice of Guru Rinpoche Puja is said to help overcome external and environmental obstacles and inner mental obstacles.

Only people who have refuge and empowerment can receive the practice instructions.

However, anybody is welcome to attend the puja and just sit and recite the mantra. The mantras can be counted and dedicated to Rinpoches swift rebirth.

Please bring your own texts


The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the Practice and any problems there may be.

Hope to see you there if you are working on Ngondro or would like to start.