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Jayne Pilossof Tara Rokpa Therapist

Monday 8 October

Bring & Share Supper @ 6pm

Healing Relaxation@ 7p

Akong Rinpoche, our reincarnated Lama brought a special teaching to help us develop compassion in the form of Tara Rokpa Therapy. The course begins with visualisation and healing relaxation exercises and it is very serendipitous that a trained Tara Rokpa Therapist, Jayne Pilossof will be arriving in Cape Town on the 8th October- the day which marks the 5th anniversary of Rinpoche's passing.  

Everyone is invited to a welcoming Bring and Share supper at 6pm followed by a relaxation session at 7pm led by Jayne. What better way for the sangha and friends to spend this evening than to be together experiencing this gift that was brought to us by our precious teacher. "Before we can tame the tiger we must first track it down" - Venerable Tulku Akong Rinpoche.

There is no cost for the healing relaxation. Donations welcome if you wish

Mon 15 Oct 6 - 9pm

Public Talk & Workshop

at Kagyu Buddhist Centre, 6 Morgenrood Rd, Kenilworth


TARA ROKPA : a process of inner development and maturation

Process: combines Eastern and Western understanding of the mind and emotions,
Eastern Philosophy / Mahayana Buddhism and Western Psychology

The aim is to develop understanding and compassion towards oneself and others,
to develop our potential and true inner value, through play, fun, challenge, and effort.
The process involves a number of different stages, with the possibility of opting out at any level.


Experience a taste of theTara Rokpa Process

Back to Beginnings, the first stage of the Tara Rokpa process. This has four key components: systematic recollection of one's life, relaxing visualisations, free painting/expressive visual expression using mixed materials, contemplation and massage.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to go forward to explore further.

Fee: By Donation

Contact: Zan Louw to book or for more information on 082 783 8399 / 021 790 4376 or Marybelle on 083 573 8081

Jayne’s Bio

Jayne was born in India and left when she was 12 to live in South Africa. After a few years her family moved to what was then Rhodesia where she has lived ever since. She qualified as a Textile designer, but when her children were born left formal employment and worked in the informal sector as a craft person producing textiles and jewelry and was one of the initial members of the Zimba Craft Co-operative, in Zimbabwe.

In 1986 she studied Kinesiology and various other alternative therapies and has a successful practice in Harare. In 1995 she began her own Tara Rokpa Therapy (TRT) process and in 2010 she began the TRT training to become a Tara Rokpa Therapist, and is now a TRT Trainee Graduate.

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