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Introduction to Tara Rokpa & Workshop by Trish Swift

What is this TARA ROKPA? 

Public talk followed by workshop

Tuesday 17 APRIL at 6pm-9pm At Kagyu Buddhist Centre, 18 Morganrood Rd, Kenilworth  R30 for Introductory talk and an additional R150 for the full workshop

 TARA ROKPA is a process of inner development and maturation, which combines Eastern and Western understanding of the mind and emotions,  using methods from Eastern Philosophy / Mahayana Buddhism and Western psychotherapy. The aim is to develop understanding and compassion towards oneself and other,  to develop our potential and true inner value, through play, fun, challenge, and effort. The process involves a number of different stages, with the possibility of opting out at any level.
AND WORKSHOP   Beginning the Tara Rokpa Process
Back to Beginnings, the first stage of the Tara Rokpa process, has four key components: systematic recollection of one's life, relaxing visualisations, playing with art materials and simple massage. These components will be introduced, and an overview provided of the whole programme so that participants can decide whether to engage in the process or not.
Please come in comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket. If you have your own art materials that you like to use bring them too. Bring and share a dish for a light supper. Tea will be provided.

 Interested? Questions?   You are welcome…
to the talk; or to join for the full workshop contact Zan Louw, phone 082 783 8399 ; or Marybelle 083 5738081

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