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Talk by Edie Irwin Thursday 11 April

TALK BY EDIE IRWIN- Thursday 11 April
6pm: Bring and share supper
7pm: Talk followed by Q and A until 8.30pm

Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche from Tibet, is known for his widespread compassionate action in the world but he also came with a unique offering of healing which through a particular sequence of processes brings about deeper understanding of self and helps the development of compassion for all beings. Learning to relax forms the basis of the practice which involves writing one’s life story in an innovative way, intuitive massage and free expression through painting. One receives energy and support from working together in a group but the journey itself is an individual one. During the two or three visits per year from Tara Rokpa Therapists, workshops are done and private interviews are given. This therapy program is suitable for anyone, no matter one's beliefs.

“Within us is the potential to be whatever we choose” -Akong Rinpoche.

Edie Irwin is a Tara Rokpa therapist from Scotland who also maintains her own psychotherapy and massage practice and has completed a three year retreat. She worked closely under the guidance of Akong Rinpoche from the 1980’s until his tragic death in 2013. She has introduced his teachings to over 15 countries and was one of a number of facilitators at the Easter Camp held in Groot Marico in 2006 which was attended by 60 people. One wonders - What has become of Tara Rokpa Therapy today?

Edie is charismatic, humorous and is a speaker that rarely loses her audience's attention. We look forward to welcoming her with a ”bring and share” supper. Attendance by suggested donation of R50. Wear comfy clothes as she may treat us to a relaxation exercise. Everyone is welcome!