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Tara Rokpa Therapist Trish Swift - Introduction to Back to Beginnings

The second phase of Tara Rokpa Therapy

Sat 22 June 9.30am - 4pm . Bring lunch to share
Sun 23 June 9.30am - 12.30pm followed by bring and share lunch and private interviews.
When Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche came from Tibet and found how the Western mind struggled with meditation he guided Edie Irwin into formulating a process now known as Tara Rokpa Therapy. This has involved years and years of hard work and dedication on her part and on those of the other therapists. We are very fortunate that Akong Rinpoche brought Tibetan Buddhism along with this therapy to Africa and it is sad that so few people here realise just what is being offered and don’t venture forth to explore this path which has been designed by him to help us develop self-awareness and compassion. There is no need to be a Buddhist to participate and there is, in fact, no criteria whatsoever.
Things are looking up - Pam Bishop, Zan Louw and Marybelle Donald are now facilitating a warm- hearted, committed group who are meeting every Saturday for Healing Relaxation sessions. Rinpoche felt that for self-exploration to occur in a beneficial way one first had to learn how to relax. These sessions involve visualisations using Edie Irwin’s recordings, simple exercises which help with interpersonal connection and compassionate massage which can be done to the self or in partners.
Back to Beginnings is a 2 year process which requires effort, determination and courage. One continues with the healing visualisations and begins writing one’s life story from the present backwards, then forwards and then backwards again finishing with an optional birthing retreat. There are various exercises given to help deal with the difficulties that arise while doing the writing. A large part of the program involves free painting and in fact one’s life story can be recorded in this way if preferred. Massage continues to play a very important part as it deepens compassion and healing. The group meets twice a month and provides a firm supportive structure for its participants but the journey itself is a very personal one. Trained Rokpa therapists visit 2 or 3 times a year to hold workshops and give private interviews. They are also contactable by phone should the need arise for their input. 
Cost: The workshop is R160 per day and private interviews a suggested donation of R100 plus. Please do not allow financial constraints to stop you from participating. Whatever you are able to offer is acceptable.

To book or for more information please contact Zan Louw on or 082 783 8399.