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To Die with Presence

In one of his last teachings, Akong Rinpoche instructed his students to always reflect on the impermanence of life and to remember that when death comes there can be no holding back. To that end, the Bardo group invites you to join them for a morning of reflection and planning, as they introduce the “When I go” booklet.

This booklet was designed to help planning the practicalities of our departure, so as to make it easier to communicate our wishes to our loved ones. As practitioners, it is important for us to die with as much calm and presence of mind as possible. The knowledge that we have seen to these practicalities means that we can focus on our practice when the time comes.

Where: Cape Town Samye Dzong, 6 Morgenrood Road, Kenilworth

When: 22 July, 10h00-13h00

Cost: R150 (non-members) / R100 (members)

Price includes both the “When I go” booklet and the “Bardo guidelines” booklet.