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Retreat with Donal Creedon The Sutra of life

Goedgedacht Farm, Kasteelberg near Riebeek-Kasteel

8 days ● Friday 16 Nov to Friday 23 Nov 2018

(Arrive Fri afternoon 16 Nov depart Saturday morning 24 Nov)

We live in a world where there is tremendous pressure and speed. Violence and fear are everywhere. We are like driftwood, caught in a torrent. Rarely is there a moment of stillness and silence. There is very little space and time to discover what it actually means to be a human being and live naturally and gracefully. Yet it need not be so if we take the time to listen, think and meditate, and to understand ‘the Sutra of Life’.

We have to learn who we are, what we are, where we are and what it means to be a human being. We need to see the truth directly for ourselves. The main point of our retreat is to explore both surfaces and depths of our life, using the maps of mind-heart provided by the Buddha. It involves looking into the shadow lands of the human psyche and as well rediscovering our true nature, our true home.

“Everyday is a journey and the journey itself is home” Bashō

The retreat is particularly suitable for those with some experience who wish to further their practice and understanding. However, beginners who don’t mind jumping in the deep end are welcome. Participants should commit to 4 hours group sitting each day. There will be time for personal practice and study.

Conditions for participants:

Each person should be committed to the full programme and leave personal demands and agendas aside. This is essential. Ethical conduct and sensitivity to others is assumed.

To book please email Charlotte

About Donal

Dónal Creedon is a Buddhist meditation teacher with many years experience, loved and deeply appreciated for his warmth, openness and sincerity. He studied and practiced with Buddhist masters of the Kagyu practice lineage in Europe as well as in India and Nepal. This involved many years of intense retreat.

Dónal also spent a number of years at the Krishnamurti Centre in Varanasi as resident Buddhist scholar. Thus the radical inquiry of Krishnamurti informs his approach.

The Main of Light

In 2017, Donal published ‘The Main of Light’, a study which examines the teachings of J Krishnamurti in the light of Buddhist teachings, specifically the teachings of the Mahamudra and Dzogchen lineages.

The teachings of the Buddha and Krishnamurti both explore the most profound and fundamental questions of human existence. They directly address the questions of sorrow, fear and death, as well as the deepest meaning a human life can attain beyond the travail and illusion of dualism. They point to the sources of sorrow and the ending of sorrow, to the possibility of living a life informed by intelligence and compassion.

As Dónal says: “It is my hope that this study will serve as a modest contribution to what I feel is an immensely important area of human exploration. I hope it will stimulate questions not only in Buddhist and Krishnamurti students, but anyone interested in the deep problems that affect our world so grievously.”

Donal will also run the following retreats in Zimbabwe & Groot Marico, please contact them direct to book:

28 Nov-7 Dec Harare Buddhist Centre, Zimbabwe

14 Dec-2Jan 2019 Tara Rokpa Centre, Groot Marico


Later Event: December 8
Lama Katen