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Rob Nairn & Choden Insight Retreat

Thurs 24 Jan - Sun 27 Jan


During this short retreat we will explore some of the key principles and practices from the upcoming book by Rob, Choden and Heather called From Mindfulness to Insight (Shambhala 2019)

Each of us are prey to subtle inner whisperings that are like a running commentary in the back of our minds. We are so used to them that we don’t even notice them anymore and so they shape our lives. In fact many of these inner voices are very negative and destructive and we can find ourselves being at the receiving end of a continuous stream of internal criticism and abuse. If someone else spoke to us like this we would not put up with it, and yet we just roll over and fall victim to these internal processes without an end in sight.

The insight training turns the spotlight on these subtle inner whisperings. We learn to face them directly and recognise the unseen mechanisms in the subliminal level of our minds that hold them in place. When we look at them directly they lose their power. It is like once we see the magician’s trick the deception is over. This is a key principle of the training - the seeing is the doing.

This approach to insight is based on a strong foundation in mindfulness and compassion. First we learn to settle and stabilise the mind though mindfulness practice, and then we learn to accept what arises in our experience. This becomes the gateway to compassion, first for ourselves and then for others. 

On this foundation we turn 180 degrees and face our egocentric preference system (EPS) that contracts and limits the natural radiance of the observer part of the mind. We become keenly sensitised to our likes and dislikes and to the subliminal mechanisms which give rise to them. Once we see these clearly we learn to rest in the midst of our experience like a fool who is present and aware but has no pre-conceptions about anything. Ironically the fool is the doorway to our innate wisdom that was always lying dormant within us but which we had inadvertently blocked from emerging.

Rob, Choden and Jenny will offer teachings, guided practices and inquiry to equip you with the skills to create the conditions for insight and for the flowering of your innate wisdom and compassion.

Cost: R570 members and R700 non-members for the 4 day retreat which takes place on Thursday evening, Friday full day and evening, Saturday full day and evening and Sunday full day until 5pm. Programme to be announced closer to the time
Lunch: Bring and share lunch
Supper:Additional cost for catering of soup and bread for the evening meal once retreat numbers are calculated.
Reserve your booking by emailing and also let us know if you want to book for the evening meal on Friday and Saturday.

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