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Letting Go! Workshop with Luke Younge

A day workshop with Luke Younge
Saturday 17 Aug 10 am to 4 pm

“When you understand the nature of impermanence, you understand the genuine dharma.” — Nagarjurna

It is taught that it is our clinging to things as being real that is the source of suffering and that the view and realisation of emptiness frees us. In this workshop we continue our exploration of emptiness with a blend of theory and practice. There will be opportunities for silent reflection, dialogue and learning.

This time we will continue to use traditional Buddhist reasonings for emptiness and also bring in ideas from biology and philosophy to help ground it in something more familiar.

A basic familiarity with Buddhist ideas is preferable but not essential. Readings will be from Ponlop Rinpoche’s Nalandabodhi curriculum.

Please bring something for lunch to share.

Cost: Members R100, non-members R130
To book please email