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Chamtrul Rinpoche - Practising the Union of Sutra and Tantra

Talk by Chamtrul Rinpoche

Wed 4 Sept 7-9pm

Within Buddhism, practitioners take refuge vows.  On top of that they can take the vows according to the vehicle of Sutra teachings and after that may take the vows of the Vajrayana or Tantric vehicle.  The Hinayana vows can be known as ‘outer’ vows, the Bodhisattva Vows as the 'inner' vows and the Tantric vows are sometimes called ‘secret’ vows.  Together these make up the Sutra and Tantra vows. These vows are practiced together- there is no conflict between them. As Guru Rinpoche said “My view is as vast as the sky, but my conduct as fine as grains of flour”
In this teaching Chamtrul Rinpoche will give a more detailed explanation of practicing Sutra and Tantra in Union.

Chamtrul Rinpoche Lobsang Gyatso is the recognized reincarnation of the second Chamtrul Rinpoche, Pema Nangsel Dorje, who was one of the heads of the Mardo Tashi Choeling Monastery in Tibet and the holy incarnation of the Kathok Chamtrul Kunzig Dorje.

At fourteen, Chamtrul Rinpoche entered his monastery to study with his first Root Guru, the Dzogchen Master Naljor Yeshe Wangchuk. Under this great master he studied the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro), Heat Yoga, Great Perfection Teachings and more, and completed the Ngondro accumulation three consecutive times Read more

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